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Type Anchorage
Country Vanuatu
City Aneityum
Address 20 14.254S 169 46.711E
Contact Keith
WWW www.vanuatucruising.info/#!anelghowhat/c1lvy
  • Port of entry
  • Shops
Additional facilities:
Police, National Bank of Vanuatu, Western Union, Small Medical Centre
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For boats

The British Admiralty Charts and Navionics Charts are 100% accurate in this anchorage and you simply follow the leads into the anchorage and anchor in white sand behind the reef. The anchorage is well protected from wind and sea from all directions except for South west through to West.
The small sticks mark the reefs when you take your tender to shore for a beach landing

For crews

Anelghowhat is the main centre on Aneityum however it is still very small with only about 300 residents, and limited facilities to service them including 3 small island stores with basic supplies, a Police Station that deals with inward yachts, a small National Bank of Vanuatu, a Western Union, a small Medical Aid Post and two schools.
If there are a number of yachts in the bay the locals will put on a traditional island welcome and feast for a small price.
The diving and snorkelling is excellent around Mystery Island and the outer reef, it is a no take area. (Contact Keith in the Village)
Mystery Island is a tourist trap for the Cruise Ships which visit on a regular cycle of usually a couple a week to enjoy a "remote" & "secluded" island. 
There is small village history tour that is very informative and interesting. (Contact Ben at the primary school)
For the more adventurous there is a trip to the waterfall, this is a full day trip despite what the villagers tell you but certainly worth the walk.There is excellent Kite boarding conditions here.


Anelghowhat is a sufferance Port of Entry and you need to get permission to arrive into the country here at least  24hours prior to arrival. You will get a temporary clearance from the Police to travel through the southern islands and will need to complete formalities in either Lenakel, Tanna or Port Vila, Efate. There is a fee to pay for Customs and Biosecurity, you can exchange popular currencies CASH at the local bank but they have no facilities for using plastic of any sort.
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