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Type Anchorage
Country Cape Verde
City Praia
Max depth 8 m
  • Port of entry
  • Shops
  • Fuel station
  • Water
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For boats

  1. The bay is well sheltered from winds from SW through N to E but some swell may works.
Best anchoring area is located on east part of the bay, near to the entrance to fishing harbour.
Depths vary from 5-6m with good holding (sandy mud)
Dinghies can be left at the northern and of ferry/fishing harbour (tip around 100CVE is expected). If you drop off a crew only use short quay belongs to petrol station located before the fishing port entrance. Do not leave dinghy there.
During first landing you will meet ‘friends’ young or middle age boys, which are helpful with fresh water, diesel, shopping and other services. Some payment is expected. Anyway be careful, don't trust them.

Do not leave boat alone in the night, do not believe local boys, watch your dinghy, even moored to your yacht. Pick up the dinghy on board during the night.
Porto da Praia is a port of entry. The skipper with boat papers, crew list and passports should visit Policia de Frontiera (Imigration) located near the entrance (on the right) to the main harbour (walk 200m right from petrol station). There is a sign “Porto Praia” and small yellow building with the office. Ask any boy meets on the quay.
If any crew leaving the yacht by plane will need a visa, which can be issued by the Policia de Frontiera on payment of 2500CVE (25EUR), and that person should be present with skipper in the office.
The second office to visit is Capitao do Porto (port captain) located on the other side of the bay. Take a taxi (cost about 2 EUR).  A boat paper are needed, and will be hold during your stay.
Both offices are open weekdays only.
We during our voyage in many cases ask for help a young boy Denis, which was helpful.
On check out the same procedure in opposite direction should be done. You will also  pay about 800CVE (8EUR)  in Capitao de porto. At immigration office you will collect an exit stamp in the passports.

more about formalities:

Water can be organise by local boats.

Floating fuel station just before the entrance to the fishing port.

For crews

No WC or showers in harbor area. Praia is the main and largest city in Cabo Verde. The center (old town) is named “Plateau”. Take a taxi (2EUR). Visit a main square (there is a free internet), a church, official building. There is a well equipped market also.
Island of Santiago is probably the most beautiful island on Cabo Verde. I recommend to make a trip through the island. Take a taxi or bus (cost 80EUR) and go through the mountains to Tarrafal on the other side. You can expect many nice panoramas and views.


Inland trip by bus or taxi - 80EUR
Taxi to the old town - 2 EUR

Harbor office (check out) - 8 EUR

Food is expensive - double prices compare to Canaries or Europe.

Diesel - about 0.8 EUR/l (2015)

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