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Clube Naval Charitas (CNC)
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Type Marina
Country Brazil
City Charitas / Niteroi
Available places 200
Max depth 3 m
UHF 68 / 69
  • Port of entry
  • Shops
  • Repairs
  • Shower
  • Toilet
  • WiFi
  • Electricity
  • Water
Additional facilities:
20T crane, slipway
Views: 1780

For boats

Niteroi is the town located on the opposite side of Baia de Guanabara, about 4 NM from Rio de Janeiro.
Clube Naval Charitas is an excellent marina, good choice to stay there and visit Rio by ferries.
Tray to contact marina on VHF 68 or 69 (call sign Charitas Marina or Echo 30)
The marina has 3 long wooden pontoons. Stay bow or stern to the pontoon using a buoys.
Water on the quay, electricity only 110V
The mooring places are calm, usually without any swell. The water is polluted, but less then in Rio.
Marina is well secured by guards.
Facilities: 20T crane, slipway, repairs.


You should visit ASAP

  • Imigration (Policia Federal) - if you are entering or exit Brazil. It’s located in Rio de Janeiro in commercial harbour (do not go there by boat, take a ferry from Niteroi to Rio) near Praça Mauá (enter to passenger terminal for cruisers / go to working warehouse – usually 2 or 3). For more visit: http://www.wesailors.com/marina/profile/760/
  • Customs (Recita Federal) only if you are entering / exit Brazil. It’s located in commercial harbour of Rio de Janeiro (do not go there by boat, take a ferry from Niteroi to Rio) near Praça Mauá (enter to passenger terminal for cruisers / go to warehouse 13, it’s about 1,5 km along the quay from the entrance and warehouse 2). For more visit: http://www.wesailors.com/marina/profile/761/
  • Harbour office (Capitaneira dos Portos) in every case. It’s located near ferry terminal  in Rio Praça XV (go there by ferry Rio-Niteroi, it's very close to the ferry terminal in Rio). For more visit: http://www.wesailors.com/marina/profile/758/

For crews

WC, showers, sauna, swimming pool, bar, restaurant, small beach, free wifi. All located in the marina.
Supplies in Niteroi (Carrefour and Sendas). There is a bus no 33, bus stop opposite to the entrance gate.   
There is a two ferries lines to Rio. First located 500 meters left from marina (Charitas - Rio). Ferries departure every 45 minutes. The largest ferries terminal is in Niteroi (Niteroi – Rio), get there by bus no 33 (hop off at the last stop). Departure every 20 minutes from 0500 to 2400. Ticket 5 reals.


80 real per day for boat for 1-3 days 110 reals per day for boat 4-15 days
140 reals per day for boat 16-30 days
170 reals per day for boat 31-60 days
210 reals per day for boat 61-90 days
water and electricity included
bus ticket to Niteroi 3,60 reals

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