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Caleta Campamento
(votes: 1)
Type Anchorage
Country Chile
City Patagonia
Max depth 8 m
Views: 1282

For boats

Depth: 10m
Bottom: mud and kelp
Holding: good
Protection: 4 on 5
Area: 4 on 5
GPS: 53 31.40S 72 40.41W

Caleta Campamento is a narrow place between Isla Spider and small rocky island. There is some fishermen’s lines between this points. Go between the islands (not to deep, stop at 4 meters – watch rocks) and tie 3-4 shorelines to both islands. Protection is very good from all winds.

You can also drop the anchor and swing, but holding is not so strong, and coast is danger close if the wind direction will change.

There is no gusts.

For crews

No informations about city and area.


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