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Gambier / Taravai / Taravai Bay
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Type Anchorage
Country French Polynesia
City Taravai
Available places 10
Max depth 2.5 m
Views: 1346

For boats

All information about Gambier Islands and Mangareva you will find there: http://www.wesailors.com/marina/profile/826/
The Taravai island is second largest of Gambier atoll. Now there live some people (one Polynesian family with 2 boys, and 2 x alone mans and temporary a French man.
The anchorage point is located: 23deg 08.618S and 135deg 01.454 W (depth about 18m). The bottom is sand and keep well. The distance to the shallows more than 100 meters.
When approaching above the reefs keep the track (see also the chart):
  1. 23deg 08.949S 135deg 00.970W
  2. 23deg 08.897S 135deg 01.136W
  3. 23deg 08.897S 135deg 01.210W
  4. 23deg 08.919S 135deg 01.334W
  5. 23deg 08.877S 135deg 01.382W
The most shallow part is near point no 3, it’s 2.3 meters on LW and 2.9 on HW (2.0 on chart). The rest of approach is about 3-6 meters depth. Keep low speed there.
All formalities in Rikitea. You should check in there first, before arriving in Taravai.
There is no facilities there (all in Rikitea).

For crews

The Polynesian family (Valeri, Hervy, Alan and Ariki) are very friendly and will warm welcome you on the inland. They can arrange you some lunch or grill at their house (for some money or goods to exchange (better)). Take with you some alcohol and souvenirs which they like :) Depends on season you can buy there some vegetables or fruit.
There is a abandoned church which is worth to visit and few more houses. You can also climb to a local hills, but the path there is weak.
One or two days spended with family on the wild island are interesting and unusual, worth to feel.


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