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Tuamotus / Puka Puka Island
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Type Anchorage
Country French Polynesia
City Puka Puka
  • Water
  • Shops
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For boats

Puka Puka Island lies in SE part of Gambier Group. It’s off the main sailing routs. The atoll dimensions are aprox. 4 x 2 NM. There is no passes into the lagoon.
The first European step on island did  Magellan during his voyage around the World. He also named the island as Puka Puka.
The only village lies on NW part of the atoll (aprox. 160 of habitants). There is the best place to get on land. Because the bottom decrees rapidly there is no possibility to drop the anchor. The best solution is to drift / float close to the small harbor and get a shore in groups.
Floating / dingy dropping point: 14 deg 48.48S and 138 deg 50.64W
Dinghy landing point is located inside the basin on the right side (near the concrete stairs). Keep in the middle at the basin entrance, there are shallows and rocks on both sides. You can leave the dinghy there.
If there is a swell drifting and landing could be dangerous.
Because of localization of the island (off main routes), and no possibilities of anchor only 1-2 yachts visit  Puka Puka island every year.
There is one Policeman, but it is not a port of entry, no possibility to check in / out.
Not easy to get, but ask the inhabitants.
No official tap point. Ask the inhabitants.

For crews

No WC or shower. 
There is internet in the village (not fast), ask the inhabitant. Two small groceries with limited and expensive products. A post office, school and airport are in the island (connection to other Polynesian islands – 1 flight every week). Twice a month a ship with supply is coming.
The people are very friendly. During our visit a Policeman organized a car trip to lagoon and around the village. The local teacher prepared some grill food and we got small souvenirs.
The inside lagoon looks nice, but nothing special if you snorkeling. There is a sea water inside.
Not many people speaks English, but few does.
Our 1 day visit here was amazing – I recommend


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