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Nuku-Hiva / Baie de Taioa / Anse Hakatea / Hakaui
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Type Anchorage
Country French Polynesia
City Baie de Taioa
Available places 6
Max depth 10 m
Views: 1216

For boats

Baie de Taioa / Daniels Bay (Hakatea) is a one hour sail to the west of Taiohae. It has a narrow not visible first entrance. There is a swell in the mouth of the bay, but when you go inside it become quite.
Many sailors call this bay as Daniel’s bay because a Daniel lived here, who met and helped many sailors, but he is no longer here and that name of the bay is unofficial.
The bay has a two lobes, the E is more protected and better for anchoring and end with a sandy beauty beach. The W is shallows and there is a little village and path to waterfall starts there.
Drop the anchor at position
08 deg 56.643 S  140 deg 09.843 W
The bottom is mud and the depth is about 8 meters. Anchor keep good. There is a place for 4-6 boats only.
There could be some swell, specially when strong SE or S is blowing.
In the village of Hakaui (W part of the bay) lives just few people (2 families).
There is a tap with potable water just next to the small shack near the beach. Be sure to ask the owner for permission before filling up your cans.
Dinghy landing (W lobe) depends on water level. If there is LW go to the mouth of the river (right of the village) and hop off on 20cm depth. If there is HW you can go by dinghy up to the river than turn right, go next 50-100 meters and tie the dinghy to the tree.
Dinghy landing in E lobe is on sandy beach.
No banks, post, groceries, fuel, etc. except a phone cabin.

For crews

No shower or WC. No Wifi.
In the E part of Hakatea bay is a nice sandy beach. There is a one house, but not permanent inhabitants there.
In the W part of Hakatea bay are few houses and most of  the area is farmed by a couple, Teiki and Kua, who can cook you an excellent meal for 1000 CPF. Talk to them.
The main attraction there is the highest waterfall on Polynesia. The walk to the waterfall took about 2+ hours one way. Heading out of Hakaui you will cross the river 3 times and then turn up the small stream for the falls. Between the second and third river crossing there is an excellent viewpoint of the falls. At the end of the path you will see a sign with information about rocks falling down and that entrance is forbidden. Any way if you want to stand very close to the waterfall you have to go forward. At the base of the falls the waterfall is not visible unless you climb over some very large slippery boulders and swim thru the muddy pool. The hike could be very muddy, slippery and buggy but very little elevation.


no fees for anchoring
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