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Tuamotus / Manihi Lagoon
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Type Anchorage
Country French Polynesia
City Manihi
Available places 20
Max depth 5 m
Views: 1179

For boats

All information about Manihi you will find there:
The passage from SW (from Pouheva and the pass) to NW part of lagoon and back is pretty easy. Follow the green, red and cardinal marks, close to the shore. But BE CAREFUL, there is some coral heads. Keep a sharp look all the time. There are many places to anchor on the lee side of the east side of Manihi coast.
At the NW part of Manihi atoll is bauty lagoon with light blue water, many coco trees small beaches and bays. All uninhabited ,wild and marvelous. Worth to visit and spent 1-2 days in paradise.
Drop the anchor close to the shore on depth about 5-6 meters. The bottom is sand with some corals. It’s leeward side with  prevailing winds. Safe and quite.
It’s could be on position:
14 21.560S and 145 50.582W or
14 21.083S and 145 50.911W
Dinghy landing on shore, be care of some shallow coral heads, easy to see in sunny day.

For crews

Snorkeling (with small sharks and rays), resting, exploring a coast. 


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