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Moorea / Opunohu Bay / E side
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Type Anchorage
Country French Polynesia
City Opunohu Bay
Available places 30
Max depth 5 m
  • WiFi
  • Shops
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For boats

This is a very nice anchorage. Close to the public beach and Hilton Resort. Crystal blue water, coral and snorkeling is a main attraction.
Moorea has 2 deep bays on north coast – east one is named Cook’s Bay, the west Opunohu Bay. Both are worth to visit.
Opunohu bay is the west one. The pass through the reef is well marked by red/green buoys and leading lights, and is 200m wide. This anchorage is located on E part of the bay’s head, near the public beach. Turn slowly left (East), leave all red buoys to your port side.
There is a room for many boats, drop the anchor at position:
17 29.400S and 149 51.083W (sand, 5 depth, good holding).
The bay is safe in all condition.
Best place for dinghy landing is on the public beach, but watch the shallows corals along the beach. Best choice is in the middle of the beach. Next good place for dinghy landing is about 150m left from the edge of the beach. There is some rocks on the coast small concrete stairs, and 2-3 small local boats. Deep enough and easy landing.
Moorea is not port of entry, do it in Papeete.
No fuel station around.
Small shop is located on SW edge of the beach.
Bank / ATM
No banks or ATMs around.
Wifi: Paid WiWi with strong signal at anchorage. About 4EUR per 1h.

For crews

Snorkeling - good snorkeling is along the beach, so you don’t need a dinghy, it’s just around you.
Scuba diving - there 3 or 4 several dive shops in Moorea. Most of them can pick up you from your anchorage area. Easy to find on the internet. E-mail and ask about the prices. I dived with Moorea Blue Diving, small family center located on NE corner of the Cook’s bay. E-mail: mooreabluediving@mail.pf. I negotiated very good price for 2 tanks diving. The nearest one is Top Dive located in Intercontinental Hotel, but this is still a long distance to walk. During the dive you can meet turtles, many sharks including the Lemon Shark, sometimes also a Humpbacks (depends of the season). The coral is not very good but there are still many colorful fishes.
The beach is very nice and scenic, white sand and palm park give you a chance to relax on the sun or in the shadow. There is few bench and tables, good for barbecue or lunch.
About 2.5 NM west from this anchorage is a Sting Ray City. Travel by dinghy west and the site is west of the Taotoi Pass on the barrier reef side. When you see several moorings balls, you are there. The trick is to keep tight to the white and black markers; the "road" with a churned-up bottom runs just a few feet north of them. When you reach the marker at about 17°29.2' S, 149°52.61' W, turn south towards the resort, again staying close to (just west of) the markers. Stingray City is located about one half mile west of the Passe Taotoi entrance, near the green buoy. Water is 1.5m deep and there are multiple mooring buoys. If you get there before 10am you'll beat the hotel boats and their hordes of tourists.
Hiking - Belvedere Point. Go by dinghy to the end of the Bay or walk. There is a road (signed) going up to the Belveder Point. Nice view, early morning is best for photos.
15 minutes of walk East is located Hilton Hotel. There is an Activity Desk where you can choice many different activities like whale watching, sting ray feeding, rent a car / scooter / quad, hiking guide etc. Prices are high (Polynesia) but not extremely high.

There is a open shower on the beach.



 Anchorage – free of charge
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