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Raiatea / Uturoa / Town Wharf
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Type City Quay
Country French Polynesia
City Uturoa
Available places 20
Max depth 4 m
  • Water
  • WiFi
  • Fuel station
  • Shops
  • Port of entry
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For boats

More general information about Uturoa you will find there:
Passe Teavapiti is the main all-weather entrance and exit pass on the east coast for the port of Uturoa. There are two floating buoys at the entrance outside of the reef, a green conical buoy on starboard and a red cylindrical buoy on port. Located north of Motu Taoru, this main shipping pass to Uturoa has good leading mark on 258 magnetic. The smaller pass to the south of Motu Taoru should not be used, as it is quite narrow and has strong currents.
When you are inside the lagoon go North following the red/green marks (red to port, green to starboard). You will see a wharfs on your port side with buildings on background.
Wharfs / town quays:
You can moor anywhere except in front of Shell Station and places signed as reserved. But there is still places for about 15 boats. If there is no free place ask to berth long side to other boats.
Berthing there could be uncomfortable if strong NE-E wind is blowing. If there is some waves in the lagoon they slap at the quay, and it is pretty loud.
There is no electricity and water on the quays.
Remember, you are right in town, accessible to anyone who walks by. Few theft and boarding was noted in the past. Secure your expensive equipment on the deck.
There is a Shell station in the center of the town, which has a guest dock, but does not offer duty free fuel.
The Total station is located just north of the Marina at the head of the small inlet adjacent to the municipal marina, and Total does offer duty free diesel.
Available on the Shell Station dock for 2000 XPF. Ask in the office before mooring there.
In the downtown there are at least 3 supermarkets including Champion. Many products with prices a little higher than in Papeete.
You can buy some fresh fishes and seafood directly from the fishermen’s boats in the main harbour (center of the city).
Outside of Uturoa, there are not many places to reprovision.
Bank / ATM
There are two banks in Uturoa with ATM’s – easy to find in downtown.
Internet available at the wharf – WDG Hot Spot, but it’s paid (1hr – 500XPF; 5hrs 2000XPF; paid by card via internet). Vini Spot available close to the main post office with high antennas (also paid).
There is a WiFi in few restaurants (e.g. La Cubana) near the wharfs in the center of the town.
The main post office is located at the main road to the center (look for high mast). The second one is located in shop complex near the wharfs.
There is a hospital, dentist and veterinary.

For crews

Uturoa is second largest city in Polynesia, but do not expect a big city. There’s only 12000 inhabitants. All shops, restaurants, foot trucks are around the center of the city. You can visit some bars, restaurants and souvenirs shops.
There is good sport shop called Havait Shop with e.g. snorkeling stuff.
Don’t miss it. Amazing arrival / departure of Hawaiiki’nui Va’a (pirog race) in late October/early November.
You can rent a car or scooter and do a trip around the island. Coast about 7000XPF for scooter and 8000-12000 for a car. There are few offices.
There is a small dive center in the marina Uturoa. The most famous diving spot is wreck of Nordby (3 masted, 100 y.o. ship). The pass is also worth to visit. One dive 6500 CPF.
There is a second dive center located at Apooiti Marina. You can call or e-mail them and  make an reservation. They will pick you up from your place.
Hiking. There is a nice 1 hour hike up to Tapioi Hill, the peak topped by big
antennas behind Uturoa. It's an easy to moderate hike, took about 1 hour. From the town, walk north along the inside road (not the one along the water that goes to the Total Station). Pass the main Post Office and just before the Gandarmerie turn left into the narrow road.  Follow this road, you will see a sign that indicates hikers are welcome but cars are not. From there, keep going up the hill. On a clear day the views are spectacular - you can see Raiatea, Tahaa, Bora Bora and Huahine. Take with you a bottle of water.


Wharf berth – free
Water at Shell Station – 2000 XPF
Rent a scooter – 7000 XPF
Rent a car – 8000 and up
Diving  - 6500 XPF one dive (if you have certificate)

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