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Raiatea / Opoa Bay / Taputapuatea
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Type Anchorage
Country French Polynesia
City Opoa
Available places 10
Max depth 5 m
Views: 944

For boats

Entrance to this bay from the north is made by passing between Pte Tehotuimatai and the reef Teautavaha. The reef is marked by a green conical beacon. There is an 6 meters shoal in this pass, and due south of the reef beacon, a coral patch marked with a red cylindrical beacon. It’s difficult to anchor because of deep water, but you can use the small dock for the time of your visit. You shouldn’t stay at the dock overnight.
Better option is to pick up a mooring buoy. There are two near location:
16 49.885S and 151 21.964W
If the buoys are occupied, this area is the best place to drop the anchor. All the bay of Opoa is more than 30m deep.
Dinghy landing
If you want to visit the Taputapuatea you should go by dingy SE direction to the wooden wharf near the sandy beach. Very safe place to tie and leave the dinghy and just a short distance from ancient place.
No fuel station around.
There is a shower on the beach, near the wooden wharf (on both his sides).
No shops around.

For crews

The bay and the village of Opoa are the grounds of the most sacred of ancient religious sites on Raiatea. On shore you will find the Marae Taputapuatea. Walk out to Pte Atiapiti to find various marae and stone sites.
It is from this area and from the bay of Faaroa that the ancient Polynesians made many epic voyages, including those led by King Turi of Faaroa. These voyages established the race of Maoris in New Zealand.
There is a small souvenir shop near the entrance to Taputapuatea.


Mooring buoy – free of charge Ancient religious sites – free of charge

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