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Raiatea / Off Carenage Ship Yard
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Type Anchorage
Country French Polynesia
City Carenage Ship Yard
Available places 30
Max depth 10 m
  • Repairs
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For boats

Carenage Ship Yard is one of few ships yard dedicated for boats and the only one on Raiatea. The water around is deep, mostly more than 30m, but there is several, even 20 moorings buoys. You can pick up one for a day or night. They are around position:
16 43.989S and 151 29.129W
Dinghy landing is possible directly in ship yard basin. Most of yacht stay there just for a night or to deal with companies ashore.
If all moorings are taken, you can drop the anchor around, probably best place in a shallow of 7m at position:
16 44.146S and 151 29.333W (sand and shells, good protection from prevailing winds)
Raiatea Carenage
One of few ships yard dedicated for yacht. They hull out boats, do repairs, maintains etc. Ashore there are two haul out yards, one with a travel lift (up to 25t) and the other with a hydraulic lift trailer (up to 300t). They pull out large monohulls and catamarans here. They offer different services.
For example hull out / 4 days on the land / hull in for 14 meters long monohull cost 45.000CPF (including insurance)
Dominique Goché
Raiatea Carenage
Tel. (689) 600 545
e-mail : raiateacanerage@mail.pf
web : www.raiatea.com/carenage/

For crews

This is business place for boats, not much for visitors.


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