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Tahaa / Haamene
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Type Anchorage
Country French Polynesia
City Haamene
  • WiFi
  • Shops
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For boats

This is 3NM deep bay where you can find few good anchorages and mooring buoys. At the end of the bay a village of Haamene (Ha’amene) is located. You can moor to one of few a buoy near position
16 38.171 S and 151 29.289 W
Or drop the anchor around this place (about 6-10m, bottom mud, good holding)
The mooring buoys are paid – 1500XPF per day. You should pay it in Town Hall during the day. Anchorage is free.
This bay is very well protected when NW-W-SW wind is blowing, but from other direction is also protected.
Dinghy landing
There is a small floating wooden wharf in front of the village. It’s on position:
16 38.165 S 151 29.436 W
You can tie your dinghy there.
No data
In the village you will find a medium size shop with many products and fresh bread every morning.
There is a Vini Spot and WDG Spot, first available around the Post office, second with weak signal at the anchorage. Both are paid about 4EUR per 1 hr.
There is a Bank, Pharmacy and Post office in the village.

For crews

Hiking:  There is the Lonely Planet hike to Patio. The start of the hike is in the town just north of the Pharmacy. It is a jeep track and the only one that looked likely. This road goes all the way to Patio on the north coast, via the interior.
Nice restaurants is on the S edge of the village (turn left at the main road).
You can start a Vanilla Tour here, ask locals.


Mooring buoy – 1500XPF Anchorage - free

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