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Niue / Alofi
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Type Anchorage
Country Niue
City Alofi
Available places 16
Max depth 5 m
  • Water
  • WiFi
  • Toilet
  • Shower
  • Fuel station
  • Repairs
  • Shops
  • Port of entry
Views: 1926

For boats

Niue is an island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean. It is commonly known as the Rock of Polynesia. Niue is located 2,400 kilometers northeast of New Zealand in a triangle between Tonga, Samoa, and the Cook Islands. The Niuean language and the English language are both taught in schools and used in day-to-day business and communications. The people are predominantly Polynesian.
Niue is one of the world's largest coral islands. The terrain of Niue consists of steep limestone cliffs along the coast with a central plateau rising to about 60 meters above sea level. A coral reef surrounds the island, with the only major break in the reef being in the central western coast, close to the capital, Alofi. A notable feature of the island is the number of limestone caves found close to the coast.
Alofi is the capital of Niue and consists of the two villages: Alofi North and Alofi South where the government headquarters are located.
It is advisable to approach in daylight and, if possible, to use radar to establish distance off.
There is leading light on the wharf.  Approach carefully, there are two moored rafts lying low in the water that should be avoided (FADs). They are very difficult to see in the dark and are not lit.
The two FAD positions for Alofi bay are:
South: 169 55’ 59”W / 19 03' 24”S
North: 169 55’ 22”W / 19 02’ 32”S
Please be aware that the FADs are moored in deep water and can be 500 meters from the given GPS positions. 
On arrival in Alofi Bay, call:
“NIUE RADIO” on VHF16 to advise your arrival (min. 1hr before). They will contact Customs and make arrangements for you to “clear”. Please wait for instructions on boat, do not go ashore as Niue Customs are very strict about this.
“NIUE YACHT CLUB” on VHF16. Ask for mooring advice and other help. If there is no answer pick up one of free buoys.
Anchoring is discouraged because of the seabed topography where anchors not hold well, and can get into crevices etc.
About 20 safe mooring buoys are available (managed by the Niue Yacht Club) for visiting yachts,. Price - 20NZ per night. All this moorings are regularly inspected. The moorings has approx 4.8 tonne concrete blocks with new polyester lines and pink pick up floats. Pass your rope through the stainless steel eye.
All mooring lines and buoys are removed in early November prior to the cyclone season.
NOTE: If the wind shifts to N-NW-W-SW-S, you will be moved very close to shallow reef barrier. Anything over 20 kn and some swell could change your stay very uncomfortable or denger. Best option is to release the buoy and go away from the shore. 
Niue Yacht Club (NYC)
P.O. Box 50 , Alofi , Niue Island
VHF Channel 16 ZKN Niue Radio (24 hrs)
There is only one point for landing - a concrete wharf. The swell is often coming there and this is challenge. Untipical rule is, that your tender must be lifted out by the dock crane onto the wharf, where there is a trolley for moving it clear of the landing zone. You will need a 3 point bridle for your dinghy (do it before landing) . The crane hook is always left hanging ready for the next boat coming ashore. Simply hook on, step ashore and use the electric hoist to bring your dinghy onto the dock;
Never leave the dinghy on the water tied to the wharf – to danger.
When approaching contact Niue Radio on VHF CH 16. They try to arrange your clear in and give you all instructions. Please wait for a response from Niue Radio about clearance times.
You must wait on your vessel until clearance is arranged.
Immigration, Customs, Agriculture, Health are available for clearance from 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday, Saturday could be arranged, but Sunday clearance is not possible.
In our case, we meet all officers (Custom, Immigration, Health, Agriculture/Biosecurity) on the wharf. Many forms to fill but it’s easy going procedure. Only captain should go to clear.
NOTE: It is important that you arrive here with adequate clearance papers from previous country (French Polynesia, Cook Islands, etc). If not, you can be fine of $NZ200.
Niue is free from most of the world's major pests and diseases and are most anxious to keep it that way. All animals, food stuff, fruit, vegetables, plants and garbage must be secured until clearance has been granted.
Passports required by all. Visas not required by tourists staying less than 30 days. Extensions are available by applying to the Immigration Office before arrival.
Department of Immigration
P.O. Baox 67, Central Administration Building, Alofi
Tel 4349 - Fax 4336.
email immigrationniue@mail.gov.nu
Firearms must be declared on arrival.
Restricted exports: artefacts, coral and valuable shells.
Niue Customs Department
P.O. Box 36 , Commercial Centre, Alofi, Niue Island
Tel:(683) 4122 Fax:(683) 4150
Check out
Contact NIUE RADIO of VHF CH16 24hrs before departure. They will arrange “check out” with customs. Note: if you want to leave Saturday or Sunday, do check out on Friday. 
Clearance fees:
Garbage disposal: 15 NZD
Tax – 34 NZD per person (payable at Customs on departure)
Call Niue Radio at least 24hrs before departure and ask for clearance out. They will call to Customs and arrange a clearance. Meet with customs on the wharf on prearranged time, they will do all formalities. A fee of 34 NZD per person will be taken (local tax).
Remember, if you want to leave Niue on Saturday or Sunday, do a clearance on Friday.
The NYC is located at the Niue Backpackers buildings 300 metres south  (right) of the wharf. Please register your yacht there ASAP (after clearance).
Mooring fee $20 per night which includes safe moorings, free access to a building on the wharf with toilet, hot water shower. The NYC makes a payment to the Government for the services they provide on the wharf -  electric winch and drinking water.
There is a toilet and shower in the building located on the wharf. Keys are available at Niue Yacht Club, who maintain these facilities.
Drinking water is from natural spring and rain, but it’s clean and drinkable. Tap is located on the wharf (near the cran). There is bottled water available in the groceries.
There is petrol station on south end of the village. Diesel is expencive (2.5NZD in 2017). I have no information about duty free diesel. Use you jerry cans and rent a car (to far for walking with heavy containers).
There are few bins provided on the wharf.
There is few groceries in the village, the biggest one 100m left from the wharf (yellow building in the yard). High prices. Fresh bakeing bred available only in the moorning.
There is 2 operators in the village.
Telekom offer 1hr (5NZD), 1 day or 1 week (30NZD) access for just 1 device (you can not use 2 devices one after one).
Kaniu offer 15 days acces with limit of 5GB for 25 NZD. Other plans available. You can use more devices, but only one at the same time.
Both WiFi’s are fast, but they do not cover mooring area. Walk to the village center is needed.
No ATM. Kiwi bank is in the center of the village. You can take out your money from your credit/debit cards in few places including a bank - 5%  commission.
There is a 24-hour on-call emergency service set up next to Hanan International Airport at the Youth Centre.
There is 2 companies on both sides of the village. Car for a day about 50-60NZD. A Niue’s drive licence is needed. You can do it quickly on Police station – show your orginal driver licence and pay fee of 22.5 NZD.  There are motors available (no scooters) for 40 NZD.
The roads on the island are very damaged with many deep holes. Drive slovly with attention.
There is a tax free shop, where you can find large choice of  alcohols, cigaretes, and soft drinks. The rule is simple, between check in and check out you can buy any goods two times (two different days). No boats papers needed.  
Animals must stay on board.
Certain shell species are protected and the taking of shells using scuba gear is prohibited.
During the year certain areas are closed to spearfishing and swimming, to protect breeding or migratory fish. The tourist office will have up-to-date information.

Niue is a marine sanctuary for the protection of whales and there are strict regulations covering any interaction with them. Often they will be found in the mooring field. Under no circumstances approach them in your tenders. During the peak of the season when humpback whales are visiting (August/September) visitors are requested to observe a 30 metre exclusion zone around the whales with their tenders and yachts so that the humpbacks can rest, and feed their young undisturbed.
Sunday observance is strict and activities such as boating and fishing are not allowed.
Beachwear must not be worn in towns and villages.

For crews

Niue is the World’s smallest independent nation (with a bit of a helping hand from New Zealand!) with it’s own language – Niuean (2nd language English). It’s one of the largest coral atolls but, unlike most islands we’ve been to, has no beaches, being surrounded by 20 metre cliffs which have numerous caves, chasms and crevices which are the main attraction for exploring by foot, swimming and snorkelling.  
I suggest to rent a car for 2 days and do an around the island trip with few stops at (list in order from best in my opinion):
1. Talava Arches
2. Togo Chasm
3. Limu Pools
4. Tautu
5. Matapa Chasm
6. Avaiki Cave
Maps and more informations you will find in Tourist information in the center of the village.
There are two diver operators. Two tank dives is 180-190NZD + 30NZD for the gear. You can dive in the caves, the diving is said to be ‘phenomenal’. I dived with “Magical Niue”, their office is about 2km north from the village. Price: 180 two tank dice +  30 for equipment rental. Very nice and professional owner / dive master – I recommend him.
There is nice small and not expensive Indian restaurant in the center of the village. Choose always “a little bit spicy” food. Their “Roti” are chip and good.  
There is a numismatic and philatelist shop with occasional and regular stamps of Niue. Just next door to the duty free shop.
Between June – August there is a whale high season. You can watch a humpbacks swimming near the coast around Niue, near moorings buoys and yachts as well. Remember that swimming and sailing close to them (less than 50m) is forbidden.  


Mooring buoy – 20 NZD / day

Garbage disposal: 15 NZD (ones)

Local Tax – 34 NZD per person (payable at Customs on departure)
Rent a car – 50-60 NZD / day

Local driver license – 22.50 NZD
2 tank diving 190 NZD + 30 NZD for gear
WiFi access – 25-30 NZD (15 days, 5GB or no limit, depend on operator)
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