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Nuku'alofa (Tongatapu)
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Type Harbour
Country Tonga
City Nuku Alofa
Available places 10
Max depth 3 m
UHF 16
  • Water
  • WiFi
  • Fuel station
  • Repairs
  • Shops
  • Port of entry
Views: 1773

For boats

Tongatapu is the main island of the Kingdom of Tonga and the location of its capital Nukuʻalofa. It is located in Tonga's southern island group, to which it gives its name, and is the country's most highly populated island. Tongatapu is Tonga's centre of government and the seat of its monarchy.
Approach is easy during a day and night. Follow the main route and green / red marks. Note, not all marks shown on charts exist, not all buoys has a light. The channel is wide and deep. 
Yachts can berth at Faua harbour, or anchor at the designated yacht anchorage at Pangaimotu Island.
Faua harbour has a wide entrance with depth of 3 m at low tide and about 3-4 m inside. After clearance yachts should moor to the north quay of the harbour, with long stern lines and anchor ahead. The bottom is mud and holding is good. A dinghy is still needed to get ashore.  Do not moor to small floating pontoons (private) or to south quay (fishing and local boats only).
If you entering to Tonga (clearance is needed) you should moor to Yacht Clearance Berth first, which is located on the other side of the basin opposite to the harbour entrance, depth 3 m (see chart). After clearance you should move to the north quay ASAP.
Just go to the north quay, but the walk to the town is long. You can also go by dinghy to other side of the harbour (at the corner at the end of fishing quay). It’s closer to town center.
Nuku'alofa Port Authority listen on VHF Ch. 14 and 16 (call Nuku Alofa Port Control). Port Control must be contacted for clearance instructions. Authorities should come to the yacht to complete clearance. There is Customs, Immigration, Health and Quarantine. Clearance is easy going, some payment must be done (see fees), but remember, time is stretch. They can come late or even next day.
Boats are only cleared between 0830 and 1600 Monday to Friday. No clearance on Saturday or Sundays. Fresh fruit, vegetables, some herbs and non-commercially packed eggs may be confiscated and destroyed. Hoist the Q flag flying until clearance is done. No one should leave the vessel until contact with officials has been made.
Inland clearance
You must clear in and out of each island group if you plan to travel within Tonga – this is known as a domestic check in/check out and you will need a Local Movement Report (Small Craft) issued by customs for each island group. See each island group for details.
If you pass the clearance and intent to sail to other Tongan islands (Ha’apai, Vava’u), a special clearance and permission is needed. Visit the customs before departing and ask for it.
There is a tap water on fisher’s quay. Ask the stuff, moor for a moment and take a water directly to the tank (we paid 10 Tongan dollars)
Alternatively you can use your containers and take a water from small tap located at NE corner of the harbour (near small travel lift).
There is possibility of buying duty free diesel, but only if you leave the country. Ask customs.
You can buy diesel and petrol on any petrol station. Use your jerry cans and a car (rent it or deal with taxi driver).
There is a Digicel Hot Spot covering harbour area. Tickets you can buy on Digicel main office in the center of the town. 500MB cost 10 T$. Cheaper solution is to buy a SIM card with 2GB, cost 10 T$. Internet working good.
The Talamahu Market is a huge fresh/crafts market; other smaller supermarkets are available with varied offerings. Don’t expect much and you won’t be disappointed. Take a taxi if you buy a lot of stuff (about 5 Tongan dollars)
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Use one of few bins located around the harbour.
Westpac and ANZ are available in the town. There are few banks, some change money. You can change money in Western Union offices.

For crews

Nuku'alofa is the capital and center of Tonga. Here is where one finds government offices, historical landmarks, military installations, tourist attractions, and shopping. However, this is not a big city, and not touristy place.  
Walking tour of the town; good points to see are:
·         Talamahu Market – a lot of vegetables, fruits and Tongan arts and crafts
·         The Royal Palace – no entry inside
·         Royal Tumbs
·         Few Churches
Visit Tourist information to collect maps and guides (located on the Vuna Road – the main along the coast, near the American Pier.
It is worth to do an island tour. You can visit:
·         Mapu’a’a Vaea blowholes on the south shore (the best),
·         Flying foxes sanctuary – the biggest bats
·         Many caves to explore
·         Few tombs of ancient kings
·         Royal Residences
·         Fishing pigs – pigs catching fishes
You can book a tour with one of the tourist operators or wait no more than 2 hrs, and one of taxi driver will offer you that trip (120-150 $T).
To be honest the island is not a paradise or amazing place with spectacular sightseeing’s, if your time on Tonga is limited you can miss this place and go directly to Vava’u or Ha’apai group. 


Fees (in Tongan dollars - $T, 1 $T = 0.45 USD)
Health clearance – 100 $T
Quarantine – 60 $T
Customs & Immigration - free
Harbour fee 85 $T (for 17T GT boat)
Taxi from the harbour to the center – 5 $T
Around island tour – 120-150 $T (for 2-4 persons)
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