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Vaka’eitu (Vakaeitu) / Nuapapu North
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Type Anchorage
Country Tonga
City Vaka’eitu
Available places 5
Max depth 10 m
Views: 897

For boats

This is a circular formation of islands connected by reefs. The waters inside are very protected with many places to anchor.  
Do not try to enter from East – there is a reef barrier. There are 2 passes from S and SE. The small pass from S between islands of Langitau and Lape is narrow, shallow and with some current. But during sunny day is OK to sail.
The larger, deeper and more safety pass is North of Lape Island. Note, there is a small but good visible (on radar too) small island not shown on all charts (like our Navionics). It’s on position:
18 43.160’S and 174 04.474’W  
We dropped the anchor at position
18 43.345’S and 174 06.021’W (20m, sand and coral, good holding)
This is one of the best protected anchorage on Vava’u
On the beach. The best place for beach landing is on the NW corner of the beach.
No facilities

For crews

There is long nice beach. Go there by dinghy and walk to the NW corner. Some nice shells can be found.
There is a small resort Popao.
There are few good spots for snorkeling. We did it inside and outside of W reef. Both sides are very different, if you like to snorkel do it. Inside reef is very shallow, good to do it on HW.
Snorkeling positions:
18 42.874’S 174 06.000’W (inside reef)
18 42.858’S 174 06.177’W (outside reef)


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