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Vuda Marina
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Type Marina
Country Fiji
City Vuda
Available places 78
Max depth 3 m
Contact Phone: +679 666 8214, Email: info@vudamarina.com.fj
UHF 16
WWW www.vudamarina.com
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • WiFi
  • Toilet
  • Shower
  • Fuel station
  • Laundry machines
  • Repairs
  • Shops
  • Port of entry
Additional facilities:
Travel lift 60T, Boats Cyclone Storage
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For boats

Vuda Marina Fiji is a unique commercial marina which operates as a hub & safe haven for yachts traveling to the South Pacific. It is Fiji’s only insurance rated cyclone storage marina, both in the water and out.  
The marina is conveniently located inland at Vuda Point situated on the outer most end of Vuda Point between Nadi airport (15mins by car from the marina) and Lautoka City (main port of entry 15mins drive) on the west coast of Viti Levu.
The marina can be entered via a 25-meter wide channel clearly marked with arrows and beacons in the day and green upper and lower leading lights for entry at night. Both the marina and marina basin were constructed to a depth of 3 meters at zero tide (2.7 in my opinion now).
The coordinates for the mouth of our channel are:
Before you enter the Marina channel, please contact them via VHF16 and calling clearly “Vuda Marina, Vuda Marina, Vuda Marina. This is vessel xyz” and await further instruction. All our radio operators speak English fluently.
Once you are advised that the channel is free of any traffic, they will ask you to enter their main basin and pick up the orange buoy. Yard staff will then be with you shortly to help you into your berth.
These instructions are for vessels who have already cleared customs and are legally allowed free passage in Fiji waters. If you have not yet officially cleared into Fiji, pickup the white quarantine mooring approximately 400m outside our channel entrance. If the mooring is already taken by another vessel, then please drop anchor nearby. The depth in this area is approximately 16m with a sand bottom (more in section Formalities).
Marina has a capacity for 160 boats (78 in water) with ramp ways for smaller boats.
The complex operates a 63-tonne WISE travel lift and has cradles (as well as the famous “cyclone pit” berths) with spaces available for up to 80 boats in the hard-stand area (34 of which are dedicated cyclone pit berths). The new catamaran haulout ramp has also been constructed allowing haul outs of catamarans up to 12m wide.
You have to moor med-style at Vuda Marina so please have 2 stern lines and 2 bow lines at the ready. Your stern lines should be the longer lines. You will also need a minimum of 3 good fenders on both your port and starboard sides of your vessel if you are less than 45’ and at least 4 on either side for larger vessels.

They operate on a first-come, first-served basis and so there may not be a berth for you immediately and you may need to stay in our over-spill areas for a few hours or a few days. These over-spill areas all have access to power and water.

Each berth has a 240V, 10amp, single phase, 3-pin powerpoint (same as Australia and New Zealand) and shared access to a fresh water tap on each dock. Note that docks are fixed so leave enough slack in your cords and hoses to allow for the tidal range. The Fiji Electricity Authority is reasonably reliable, however can be subject to unexpected surges. It is recommended to run any valuable items through a surge protector as we do not take any responsibility for damaged items.

Coming in to the dock bow-to or stern-to is a personal choice in Sailing Season (1st May to 31st Oct), however it is mandatory to go stern-to in Cyclone Season (1st Nov to 30th Apr) as your anchor chain plays a major part in the event of a storm. Note that some vessels with a deep rudder may need to go bow-in as it becomes shallow close to the basin wall during low tide. It is the masters decision to decide if going stern-to is appropriate.

When coming in to your berth, please be aware of other vessels mooring lines and be careful not to foul your propeller. Any damage to other vessels mooring lines or the Marinas mooring lines will be charged to the owner of the vessel. Our advise – take it very slowly. Ease into your berth. Don’t panic. And if you are not comfortable due to strong winds or engine difficulites then do not try to go into your berth. You can always try again when the weather calms down or even the next morning.

As with all countries, there are certain government requirements you are expected to follow when first entering Fiji.
Once you arrive into Fijian waters, it is your obligation to proceed proceed directly to a Port of Entry before you can make landfall. Ports of Entry can be found at the following locations:
    Vuda Marina, Western Viti Levu
    Lautoka Wharf, Western Viti Levu
    Suva Harbour, Eastern Viti Levu
    Levuka, Ovalau
    Savusavu, Vanua Levu
    Rotuma, Rotuma
Before You Arrive
All Yachts arriving into Fiji must give the Fiji Revenue & Custom Authority (FRCA) 48 hours advanced notice of arrival. All the details required for the advanced notice are on Customs form C2-C which is available from the FRCA’s website at

Advance notice should be emailed to yachtsreport@frca.org.fj. Failure to give 48hr notice of arrival will result in a fine.
If you have failed to send in your “Advance Arrival Notification Form” (otherwise known as the “C2C form”) at least 48 hours prior to your expected arrival, then you will not be permitted to clear in at Vuda Marina and will need to proceed to Lautoka Wharf. The form can be found at http://www.frca.org.fj/customs-forms-2/.
It is possible to send your information more than 48 hours if you know you are expecting a long sail. For example, those yachts arriving from New Zealand and expect a 6 to 8 day sail should send through the forms from New Zealand before they leave. Exact arrival times are often unknown due to many variables, however an estimated arrival date is required.
    Email: yachtsreport@frca.org.fj
    Fax: +679 666 0570 (Att: Boarder Control)
    Email: immigration@govnet.gov.fj
    Email: yachtinfo@biosecurityfiji.com
    Health Quarantine
    Email: niko.nadolo@govnet.gov.fj
    Fax: +679 666 0570 (Att: Boarder Control)
If you are clearing at Vuda Marina then there are certain things you must do:
  • Raise your yellow Q flag to indicate to persons that you have not cleared customs yet
  • Radio Vuda Marina on VHF16 between the hours of 7.30am and 3pm (Monday to Friday) and advise us the name of the vessel and the date you sent your “Advance Arrival Notification or C2C form” when you are approximately 1 hour away.
  • You will then need to pickup the white quarantine mooring approximately 400m outside our channel entrance. If the mooring is already taken by another vessel, then please drop anchor nearby. The depth in this area is approximately 16m with a sand bottom.
  • Radio us again on VHF16 and advise that you are outside our channel and awaiting customs clearance.
  • You may be waiting some time as the officials are not permanently based at Vuda Marina and only attend when there is a need. Make yourselves comfortable, have a meal and relax.
  • Monitor VHF16 and await further word from Vuda Marina staff.
  • Depending on your Port of Departure, it may be necessary for you to be boarded by Ministry of Health Officials and have your vessel sprayed. If not, you will be issued with Radio Pratique and will be permitted to enter our Marina without any boarding.
  • Prepare your vessel for docking. At least 4 fenders on your starboard side at the waterline with bow and stern lines of at least 5m each. You may also wish to prepare some springer lines if it is windy.
  • When given the all-clear by Marina staff to enter the Marina channel, you will then slowly motor along the channel until you pass the rock headland on either side of you. The deck of the restaurant will be on your starboard side. 20 metres past the restaurant deck you will see a white floating pontoon. This is the boarding pontoon and staff will be on hand to assist with your lines and secure your vessel.
  • You are not yet permitted to disembark from your vessel or off load any refuse. Please await instructions from the government officials. They may decide to conduct the clearance procedure on board or may ask the captain to come into the airconditioned office. If the captain goes to the office, the crew members must wait on board and cannot disembark until the captain has returned.
  • Please have your vessel papers, the captains and all crew members passports and your completed C2C form with you.
  • There will be numerous forms for the captain to complete. Please complete them truthfully and completely. This process can take up to 1 hour depending on the number of crew members so please be patient.
  • Relevant fees will need to be paid. There is an ATM located at the Marina or major foreign currency can be exchanged at the Marina office.
  • You have now cleared customs and have officially entered Fiji. Bula Vinaka.
  • If you are staying with us, please proceed to the Marina office for further information about securing a berth. You can also apply for a cruising permit while in the office and we will help you arrange that. If you are not staying with us, we wish you a pleasant stay in Fiji. Please radio us on VHF16 prior to your departure so that we can confirm that the channel is clear for your departure.
Hours of Operation
Customs Clearance facilities are available from 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday only.
Weekend and Public Holiday clearances are not permitted. If you arrive on a weekend or public holiday, you will need to clear in at Lautoka Wharf.
Customs Clearance Charges
There are certain charges payable upon clearing into and out of Fiji.
The charges to clear INTO Fiji are as follows:

  • Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority – FREE (Although an overtime charge of FJ$27.40 applies for clearances during lunch hour (1pm-2pm)
  • Fiji Immigration Department – FREE (unless a visa is required)
  • Biosecurity Authority of Fiji – FJ$89.70
  • Fiji Ministry of Health – FJ$172.50
  • Vuda Marina – FJ$75
The charges to clear OUT of Fiji are as follows:

  • Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority – FREE
  • Fiji Immigration Department – FREE
  • Biosecurity Authority of Fiji – FREE
  • Fiji Ministry of Health – FREE
  • Vuda Marina – FJ$75
 All prices are in Fijian dollars.
Length of Stay
Immigration issues a standard 4 month visitor permit to all personnel whose nationalities are eligible to a visa on arrival This can be extended a further 2 months to a total of 6 months. 18 month special purpose visas are also available. Customs issue a temporary import permit for the yacht to remain in Fiji for 18 months.
Fly the  international “Q” flag on Arrival and await instructions or arrival of the authorities (given by VHF by Yacht Club). Do not let anything nor anyone on or off prior to Inward Clearance or after Outward Clearance has been issued.
Documents required for clearance on Arrival:
- Certificate of Customs clearance from your previous port/country
- Crew list, with passport numbers, nationality, age, position on vessel
- Passports for all personnel, valid for at least 3 months from your date of Fiji departure
- Yachts Registration Document
- Ownership documents and list of any arms, ammunitions or other weapons carried
- Detailed list of Alcohol carried onboard including brand, type and quantity of each bottle
- Up-to-date yacht log book
On arrival, yachts must obtain a health clearance certificate or “Pratique” from the Health Department. The Health Officer will be the first official to clear the yacht. Health levy a fee for this clearance which is payable on boat or at the Divisional Medical Officer’s office.
Inform Quarantine of any prohibited items on board. If you are not sure if an item is prohibited declare it to the officer.
Overseas yachts are requested to declare on arrival the following:
  • Foods (tinned / packed), including meat, sausages, salami, ham, poultry, eggs, milk, butter, cheese, honey etc.
  • Plants or parts of plants (live or dead) including vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, bulbs, flowers (fresh or dry), mushrooms, straw, bamboo or any other articles made of plant materials.
  • Animal products including feathers, fur / skin, shells, hatching eggs.
  • Animals, reptiles, fish, birds (or parts thereof), alive or dead, stuffed or mounted.
  • Soil or equipment used with animals of any kind, or that has come in contact with soil.
  • Biological specimens including vaccine cultures, blood or any other biological specimen.
  • Domesticated pets to be bonded and kept on board the vessel at all times. (cats / dogs / birds) etc.
Many of the above items will not be permitted to be kept aboard the yacht for the duration of the visit in Fiji. Garbage may also contain restricted items and should not be discharged without the permission of the Agricultural Quarantine Officer. What is allowed to stay aboard is at the discretion of the Officer who works according to the Biosecurity Regulations.
Customs / Immigration
After clearance by Health/Pratique, the Customs Officer will process you through the customs declaration including your yacht’s intentions and stores held aboard whilst in Fiji waters. Customs will issue your inward clearance and Rotation Number (customs ID number).
 CLEARANCE ON DEPARTURE - Customs/Immigration
You must berth in a Port of entry/exit. Pay your port fees at the port office and proceed to the Customs Office to complete Customs clearance out formalities. If firearms, ammunition or other weaponry are to be returned to you on departure, you must make arrangements with the Police to have your property returned from the armoury and placed back on board.
Immigration will provide departure clearance on board and will issue Certificate of clearance accordingly. The yacht must leave immediately or at least one hour after Immigration Departure clearance has been issued.
Exiting Fiji Waters
You are required to sail from Fiji waters within 1 hour. Complete all business ashore prior to clearance. If you are delayed beyond 1 hour, contact the same Customs office immediately and record in the Log Book the cause for failure to depart. Failure to inform customs that the yacht has not departed Fiji Waters within 1 hour of clearance is an offence for which the penalty is a fine of FJ$20,000 or 2 years imprisonment.
Documents required for clearance on departure.
  • Copy of your inward clearance
  • Up dated Crew list, with passport numbers, nationality, age and position on vessel
  • Passports for all personnel
  • Detailed list of Alcohol carried onboard including brand, type and quantity of each bottle
Domestic Cruising Permits
All yachts intending to visit any of the outer islands require a Cruising Permit. Cruising Permits can be obtained through yacht agents, marinas or directly from Ministry of I Taukei Affairs on arrival.
Taps on the quays
There is a fuel dock, diesel and gasoline avaiable
Marina Fjii also has its own fully licensed bar, restaurant and café as well as a ship chandlery and general store (grocery) located within its environ. Marina activities are varied and include, open air movie nights and a live band every Sunday on the lawn area overlooking the Mamanuca Group of Islands. The Marina also has accommodation (single and two bedroom apartments and rooms) for short term rental.
The best in my opinion when cruising Fiji is to buy a sim card with data (internet). Digicel have a good internet plans, and you can add more credits any time. 2GB cost about 10 F$. Their offices you will find in cities center.
but anyway

All customers to Vuda Marina are entitled to complimentary one-hour high speed internet per day.
Daily and weekly passes are also available at very affordable prices. A 24 hour pass is FJ$5.00 and a weekly pass is FJ$20.00.

Passes can be obtained from the Marina office. The marina is 99% covered by our wifi network and internet speeds are up to 10mbps on the Connect broadband network.
There is one grocerie in the marina, but products are limited. It is god to go to Lautoka town for bigger shoping.
Vuda Marina has one of the most unique yacht storage systems in the world. They have forty “cyclone pits” for the safe keeping of your vessel over the cyclone season (1st Nov – 30th Apr).
Your vessel is slowly lowered into the pit and cushioned on either side with tyres. The majority of the weight of the vessel is taken by its keel on the bottom of the pit.
Should a storm occur, this is the safest place to be. You will have no waves to contend with. No other boats will be pushing against you. Just you and your yacht in its own safe refuge.
These pits are extremely popular and generally sell out before the end of July. Advanced booking are highly recommended. If we are fully booked then it is possible to be placed on waitlist. On rare occasions there may be a last minute cancellation, so the offer is then extended to the first person on our waitlist. If they have already made plans, then it is offered to the next person and so forth.
Discounts are offered to those who pay in full before the end of March. A FJ$1,000 deposit is required to reserve a berth and full payment is required before the end of July.
Much reduced rates are available for cyclone pits during Sailing Season (1st May – 31st Oct).
Travel Lift     
Vuda Marina has the largest travel hoist in Fiji and is capable of hauling vessels up to 63 tonnes. Their British-made ‘WISE’ brand of Travel Hoist lifts more than 750 vessels each year and our hardworking staff are some of the most experienced and professional haul out staff in the South Pacific.
Immediately after hauling it may be beneficial for you to take advantage of our high pressure wash, especially if hauling out to anti-foul or for long-term cyclone storage. Rates are based on the length of the vessel.
Their travel hoist ramp is limited to vessels with a beam of 5.85m (19’) and most vessels over 60’ will need to drop their backstay in order to get under our cross beam. It is also recommended to remove or lower any high standing instruments on your stern such as wind generators and radars.
Due to a multitude of variables such as keel shape and depth, tide movements, wind strength and direction, and other unforeseen factors, hauling out a vessel can take some time. Generally a haul out into a cyclone pit takes 1.5-2.5 hours (including pressure wash), while a haul out to the hardstand takes about 1.5 hour (including pressure wash). Relaunches can take as little as 20 minutes. They will always do our best to haul you at the scheduled time however be prepared for a possible delay of up to half a day.
Catamarans wishing to haul out their vessel have rather limited options in Fiji at the moment but we are working on the possibility of putting in a new catamaran haul out ramp. Until that ramp is completed, it may be possible to haul out via crane using a Lautoka based company called Mobile Crane Hire. There are very limited locations to haul out so please check with us if they are available before making arrangements with the crane company. If your cat is less than 21’, we are capable of moving it around the yard once it is on land. Note, that small catamarans under 19’ can haul out with our travel hoist.

For crews

Vuda Marina has its own fully licensed bar, restaurant and café. Marina activities are varied and include, open air movie nights and a live band every Sunday on the lawn area overlooking the Mamanuca Group of Islands.  
You can go by taxi or bus to Lautoka and Nadi town. Both worth to visit.


Biosecurity Authority of Fiji (check in only) – FJ$89.70 Fiji Ministry of Health (check in only) – FJ$172.50
Vuda Marina – FJ$75 (check in and check out)
Customs and Immigration – free

All up to date rates are on marina web page: http://www.vudamarina.com.fj/

Rates 2017
1. IN WATER BERTHS | Berthing Fees per LOA (minimum 35′) ::
    $0.90c per foot per day (US$0.43)
    $5.80 per foot per week (US$2.78)
    $22.00 per foot per month (US$10.10)
***includes free electricity and water. All customers also receive free 1 hour internet pass per day
Haul out and Re-launch ::
    Less than 2 tonnes: $310.00 (US$149)
    2- less than 20 tonnes: $420.00 (US$200)
    20 tonnes to less than 35 tonnes: $530.00 (US$250)
    35 tonnes to less than 50 tonnes: $840.00 (US$400)
    50 tonnes to max 65 tonnes: $1,400.00 (US$670)
Haul out and Re-launch ::
    $1,500 (maximum 20 Tonne)
Lift and Hold (per hour) for travel lift or catamaran trailer :: 50% off
Extra Move for travel lift or catamaran trailer :: $260 (US$125)
Surcharge – on weekends or public holiday :: $300 (US$145)
4. CYCLONE PITS | per LOA foot (minimum 35′) ::
·         CYCLONE SEASON (1st Nov to 30th Apr) – $195.00 per 6 months (US$91.20)
·         SAILING SEASON (1st May to 31st Oct) – $14.00 per month (US$6.70)
·         Pay in full before 31st March & receive 20% off 6 month rate
·         A non-refundable deposit of $1,500 is required to secure a pit. All cyclone season pits must be paid in full by 15th September or they will be offered to the next yacht on the waitlist.
·         Yachts in the cyclone pits during sailing season MUST be removed by the 31st October if not staying for the cyclone season
·         Additional stays less than 1 month are charged at daily hardstand rate
5. HARDSTAND/ OUT OF WATER BERTHS | Hardstand Fees per LOA ::
    $1.20 per foot per day (US$0.58)
    $7.20 per foot per week (US$3.45)
    $26.00 per foot per month (US$12.50)
***includes free electricity and water.
***25% surcharge will be applied for subsequent months after the second month
    $3.50 per day (US$1.50)
    $21.00 per week (US$10.10)
    $70.00 per month (US$32.40)
    Minimum number of props required is subject to Travel-lift Operators discretion
7. BOAT RAMP | with own trailer per use ::
8. BOAT AND TRAILER | max 33′ per vessel ::
    $150.00 – Monthly
    $750.00 – 6 Monthly
9. SMALL VESSEL PONTOON | max 33′ LOA (per half year) ::
10. CRADLES | per unit ::
    $16.00 per day
    $96.00 per week
    $336.00 per month
11. SCAFFOLD | 2 stands + 1 plank ::
    $9.00 per day
12. WATERBLAST | per LOA ::
    Monohull    $3.00 per foot
    Multihull    $4.00 per foot
13. CYCLONE TIE DOWNS | per piece ::
    $10.00 per month (minimum 2 months)
***Vessels on the hardstand MUST be tied down in the event of a severe storm
14. FREEZER STORAGE | per unit ::
    $25.00 per week
15. MAST STORAGE | per mast ::
    $100.00 per week
    $300 per month
    $500.00 – Pleasure Craft less than 40ft
    $750.00 – Pleasure Craft 40ft and above
    $1500.00 – Commercial vessel less than 40ft
    $1750.00 – Commercial vessel 40ft and above
·         All rates are in $FJD and are exclusive of government taxes and charges
·         US dollars are indicative only
·         Berthing payments are not berth specific
·         Vessels with a beam 16’ and over are charged 150% of the above berthing and storage rates and vessels with a beam 24’ and over are charged 200% of the above berthing and storage rates
·         Weekly, monthly and 6 monthly rates only available if paid in advance. Failure to pay in advance will result in daily rate being charged until paid up to date
·         Invoices not paid after 30 days will incur a 7.5% late payment fee until fully paid
·         Free power is limited to normal supply through a 10amp plug. Air-conditioning units or power tools subject to review by Marina management
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