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Cook Reef / Pula Iwa
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Type Anchorage
Country Vanuatu
City Pula Iwa
Views: 947

For boats

This is one of Vanuatu’s prime dive and snorkel sites and coral development is excellent.

The anchorage is on the NE corner of the reef. Circle in to approach the reef from position:
17 02.8S and 168 17.38E
You need a good light and you should only approach in calm or light SE wind. Expect strong currents (more wind, more currents).
The best solution (in my opinion) to snorkel or dive there is to not anchor but to approach close to the reef and do it in pairs (you need 3 persons on board at least). Just jump to the water or use your dinghy to come closer. You should still be careful and watch the currents. Take on your dinghy heavy enough anchor and long line.

For crews

The most spectacular diving is on the west side of the atoll where giant coral heads emerge from 30m do within 3m of surface. You can swim from one head to next, the water visibility is excellent. Sharks, marlin ant tuna are often seen here  
Shallow snorkeling is best on the NW corner of the atoll where there is a broad shelf between 7 to 18m deep covered with coral. Currents may be strong, drift dives are recommended.
This is a place MUST SEE if you like to dive or snorkel. Do it only in calm weather conditions.


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