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Pentecost / Wali Bay / Londot Anchorage
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Type Anchorage
Country Vanuatu
City Pentecost
Available places 20
Max depth 10 m
Contact Luke Fargo (+678) 535-55-14
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For boats

This is very open bay, could be unsafe during S-SW-W-NW-N winds and swell. It is not comfortable to anchor there, because depths drops quickly from the cost and you need to anchor close to the shore (about 150 m). But is very worth to visit, particularly from April to June, because of Land Diving.
Easy to approach from west directions, no unexpected dangers.
Anchor in 7-10 meters on brown sand, there is good holding in this belt of sand. If you go too shallow you will end up in small round boulders with little holding and deeper drops off quickly.
We dropped the anchor on position:
15 54.821S and 168 11.279E (10m, 160m from the shore)
If swell coming from S-SW-W-NW-N could be danger, but it is rare. During prevailing SW winds this is calm and no swell place.
Dinghy landing
Just go to the beach.
If you really need it, go to the Marie Bungalows (near the white flag on the beach) and ask.
No fuel, no groceries, no WiFi, no other facilities. Several rivers where laundry can be done or water collected (but ask first the locals).

For crews

The land diving (Nagol) tower at Londot village is extensively used during the land diving season ( Apr – June) each year. Luke Fargo, who owns the Marie bungalows (next to white flag on the beach), can organise this event upon arrangement, accompanied by refreshments, Kava tasting and a string band. It is truly an awesome experience to watch these young men leap from the Nagol tower secured only by a vine tied around each ankle. The whole community gets involved by either participating, dancing or watching.  The ability to be flexible with days is a great bonus to yachts and they are willing to put on the event with even only a couple of yachts so give Luke a call. 

The tower can be seen from the anchorage and usually remains standing until October / November each year before it falls.

Contact Details: Luke Fargo (+678) 535-55-14 (he speaks English)

About 200-300 meters South (right) from anchorage a small village is located. Go there and see how people live on Pentecost.
At Londot yachts are warmly welcomed by the whole community. Luke Fargo, the President of the South Pentecost Tourism Association & owner of Londot Marie Bungalows and Restaurant, is happy to show you around and organise tours and activities. He and his family have a small restaurant on the beach directly in front of the anchorage where you can share some tasty island kaekae ( truly!), try some kava, be entertained by the local string band and chat with Luke and his family. Luke started the Land Diving tourism business back in 1978 and is a very switched on man who loves helping cruisers enjoy their visit to South Pentecost.
Any other needs? Ask Luke.  


anchorage - no fees

land diving entrance fee - 80-120 USD per person
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