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Luganville / Beachfront Resort Anchorage
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Type Anchorage
Country Vanuatu
City Luganville
Available places 20
Max depth 10 m
  • Fuel station
  • Repairs
  • Shops
  • Port of entry
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For boats

You can approach to Luganville from East or South-West. Any way you will sail through Segond Channel. There is a current up to 2 knots. The channel is deep and without suprices.
There is 3 possibilities to anchor near to Luganville:

  1. Close to the main wharf in the city – very exposed and not safe place
  2. In front of Beachfront resor – more safe and still close to the city center
  3. Otherside of the channel near the Aore Island Resort  - quiet safe anchorage, but far of the city
We dropped anchor at 2nd place – near Beachfront resort on position:
15 31.399S and 167 09.898E (depth: 10m, sand and mud)
It is not perfect place, exposed to E-SE-S-SW winds and E-SE swells, but is a bit protected by shallows near the river mouth and Aore Island. Good holding on sand and mud. There is enough places for 10-15 boats
Avoid using the large mooring buoy as this is for the tug and the odd associated commercial ship. Beware of fishing nets as the locals regularly set them here and don't always have obvious floats marking them.
Cruisers are welcome in Beachfront Resort
Dinghies may be landed on the beach at the Beachfront Resort. Remember about tides. You can extra tie your dinghy to small tress near the beach.
1.6km West of Luganville
Tel:+678 36911 Fax:+678 36882 ,VHF Channel 16
Luganville is a port of entry and all yachts must stop by customs when calling into this port, even if you have already cleared in one of the other ports.
Checked in before
IF you are cleared in before just drop the anchor and go visit Customs Office which is located at main Wharf. Take a taxi (200 avtu) or bus (100 vatu per person) from Beachfront Resort.
They will ask for inter-island vouyages clearance and do some paper work. They will ask for day, time and destination of departure.
International clearance / check in to Vanuatu
All Crafts on route to Vanuatu must provide a minimum of 24 hours advance notice of arrival to Customs. Notice must be provided by e-mail. More in GENERAL ABOUT CLEARANCE IN VANUATU section.
Luganville is one of the four ports of Entry on Vanuatu. When you arrive in Luganville you should drop the anchor near quarantine buoy close to the main wharf. But this place is very exposed, if weather condition are not safe enough, abandon that place and go to Beachfront resort or Aori Resort.
Hoist your yellow quarantine flag.
Try to call Luganville Port Control on Channel 16. They should keep radio watch from 07:30 to 16:30. If they do not answer, try to call AORE RESORT on Channel 16.
Ask about clearance. Follow the instructions. You should be checked by Customs, Immigration and Quarantine.
There is not strictly rule, where and how the formalities will be done.
If you can not contact with the Luganville Port Control or Aore Resort, or you got instruction to visit Customs office, go ashore and visit Customs office first (main wharf, first building on the right; go by taxi (200 avtu) or bus (100 vatu per person) from Beachfront Resort). Then you will visit quarantine office (main wharf near Customs) and Immigration (before Main Wharf Area, sea side, blue building without any helpful signs).
Customs and Quarantine agents may visit the yacht to collect fresh fruits, vegetables, and garbage.
If you plan to arrive on a Saturday afternoon or Sunday, the boat must remain at the anchorage until Monday. Do not go ashore without first clearing in.
Inter-Island Voyages
If you checked in to Vanuatu and intent to sail to other Vanuatu’s Islands you need special Inter-Island Voyages Clearance. Ask about that at Customs Office
Checking Out of Vanuatu
Visit Porth Authority office (same building as Immigration office) to pay Port dues – VT 7875 for a 30 days period or any part thereof. After 30 days from the date of first arrival, the vessel is liable for an additional charge of VT100 per day.
Then visit Customs office where you get a Outward Clearance and finally go to Immigration office for stamps in your passport.
Ports of Entry
The port of Lenakel on the island of Tanna, the port of Port Vila on the island of Efate, the port of Luganville on the island of Santo and the port of Sola on the island of Vanua Lava are the only ports of entry in the Republic of Vanuatu.
Arrival in Vanuatu
All Crafts on route to Vanuatu must provide a minimum of 24 hours advance notice of arrival to Customs. Notice must be provided by e-mail stating:
   (a) the name of the vessel; and
   (b) the voyage (last 3 ports); and
   (c) the estimated date and time of arrival in Vanuatu; and
   (d) the appointed port or other place where the craft will land or berth; and
   (e) the name of the master or skipper of the vessel; and
   (f) the name and contact details of the person providing the information; and
   (g) the names of passengers on board; and
   (h) list of goods to be landed (if any).
According to Quarantine laws, the vessel is required to fly the yellow flag as soon as it enters Vanuatu’s exclusive economic zone. Upon arrival at the port vessels can call “Customs” on VHF radio Channel 16 (only at Port Vila and Lenakel at the moment).
Master of all yachts entering Vanuatu from a foreign port or place must first report to the Customs, Quarantine and Immigration authorities at either the port of Lenakel or Port Vila or Luganville or Sola.
Vessels may not call at Mystery Island (Anietyum) or Port Resolution (Tanna) or any other place in Vanuatu, prior to entering one of the ports nominated above for customs clearance, unless prior written permission is granted by the Director of Customs & Inland Revenue. The Master of vessels who visit these places prior to obtaining customs clearance, being issued with an “Inter-island Cruising Permit”, or obtaining written permission may be subject to fines and/or prosecution.
It is an offence to come ashore in Vanuatu unless having undergone customs clearance procedures on arrival.
On arrival all arms and ammunition must be declared and surrendered to the Customs Officer for safe keeping.
If Customs are satisfied that firearms and ammunition can be safely secured under seal on board the importing vessel this may be allowed. In cases where no suitably secure sealing arrangements exist, the goods will be detained by Customs throughout the vessel stay in Vanuatu. At least 48 hours notice of intended departure from the finale port of clearance must be given in such cases.
The laws of Vanuatu prohibit the importation of narcotics, obscene publications and materials (books, magazines, DVDs, computer stored images and videos, and video cassettes), and certain firearms such as automatic weapons. These have severe penalties for any breach of these prohibitions.
 PORT DUES (Ports and Harbour fees)
All visiting small crafts are liable for port dues of 7,875 Vatu for a 30 days period or any part thereof. After 30 days from the date of first arrival, the vessel is liable for an additional charge of 100 vatu per day. Port Dues are to be paid at the Ports & Harbour office, or if unavailable, at the Customs office at the final port of departure (Lenakel,  Port Vila, Luganville or Sola).
Live animals, reptiles, birds of any description, fresh meat, fruit or vegetables imported by yachts must not be taken ashore. Additionally, some restriction on whether such goods will be permitted to remain on board after the arrival at a Customs port may be enforced by officers of Bio-security. No foreign garbage may be landed in Vanuatu without permission from Bio-security.
In the case of each crew member:-
i) All baggage consisting of wearing apparel, toilet requisites, articles of personal adornment and similar personal effects, being apparel, articles and effects possessed and used abroad by such passenger and which are not intended for gift, sale or disposal to any other person;
ii) 250 cigarettes, or 100 cigarillos, or 50 cigars, or 250 grams of tobacco, 2 litres of wine and 1.5 litres of spirits, ¼ litres of toilet water and 10 centilitres of perfume, these allowance being  granted per person and applicable only for persons aged over 18 years;
iii) Any other item (other than prohibited goods) up to a value of 50,000 vatu per person aged over 15 years.
On completion of Customs Quarantine and Immigration arrival formalities at the port of entry, master of any vessel wishing to visit other islands in the group, may only be allowed to do so after first declaring their intended movements to the Customs authorities and obtaining formal approval.
All yachts leaving Vanuatu for a foreign port or place are required to obtain an outward clearance from Customs at the final port of departure (i.e.Lenakel, Port Vila, Luganville or Sola). Unless approved by the Director, a vessel having granted a certificate of clearance must depart for overseas within 24 hours of its issue and must not go to any place in Vanuatu. Vessel wishing to obtain a certificate of clearance at places other than Lenakel, Port Vila, Luganville or Sola should obtain permission for Customs and Immigration in advance and if such a request is granted may be required to pay for official attendance and travel.
Alternatively, certificate of clearance from undeclared places can be issued from the last declared port in Vanuatu, provided that a request is made via email or a note to Customs at least 24hrs prior to departure from the declared port. Once the approval is granted, the certificate of clearance will be issued with the ETD from the undeclared location. Port dues will be calculated and paid up to the ETD from Vanuatu while fuel exemptions will only be granted for the outward journey as per current practices.
Interactive Outward Reporting forms are available on the Customs website under Forms. To facilitate clearance, filled out forms can be emailed to the address provided on the form prior to departure.
All attempts will be made to board vessels arriving from overseas as soon as possible after their actual arrival. Outwards clearance may be obtained within 24 hours prior to the actual departure. Customs normal operating hours are listed below.
MORNING 07.30 Hours-12.00 Hours
AFTERNOON 13.00 Hours -16.30 Hours
Any attendances by customs outside these hours for either arriving or departing vessels will be subject to overtime attendance fees. The charges for these are as follows:
06:00 to 07:30 and 16:30 to 18:00 Vt1000 per hour per officer with a 3 hour minimum payable
18:00 to 06:00 VT1500 per hour per officer with a 3 hour minimum.
VT2000 per hour per officer with a 3 hour minimum.
Avaiable in resort. Ask at reception, use your own jerry cans.
There is a petrol station in the town, but it is about 3-4 km away.
Hot shower in the resort, Ask at reception, 500 vatu.
At resort, 300 vatu per bag (use big bags).
Aak at reception. 800 vatu wash, 800 vatu dry (8kg dry weight load)
There are 4 banks and 6 ATMs in the town. Easy to find.
Note: there is a high (5 to 6.5 %) charges when paying by credit cards.
Wireless ADSL internet is free providing purchases are made. Logon details at reception of the resort or the bar – high speed with streaming movies is also available fo VT 1000 per week. Printing and downloading facilities can also be provided.
Another option is buying a sim card with internet data. There are 2 operators. I bought DIGICEL 1GB for VT1000. You can easily top up more data later.
I got opinions that second operator TVL is a bit more expensive but has better coverage on other islands. Check both offers, they are changing all the time.
Origin Energy will pick up, fill and return to the resort – phone (+678) 36 985.
Paradise Petroleum with gas bottles is 1 km from the resort towards town.
There is several medium size groceries along the main road. A traditional island produce market provide locally grown fruit, vegetables, and food. Market is open 24 hrs from Monday to Saturday.
Well stocked hardware shops in the town. There is a maritime shop in the center.
There are taxis and mini-buses in the town and around. The buses cost 100 vatu and will take you to any destination on request. Just stop one (hold up your hand) and tell the driver your destination. The price rises if you want to go out of the town center.
Taxis and mini-buses can be flagged down on the main road. Fares from the resort into the town are 100-150 vatu per person (bus) or 200 vatu by taxi. Taxi to airport is about 1000 vatu per person (bus) or 1800-2000 vatu by taxi.
Santo Medical Center is open Monday to Friday 0800 to 1700 with a break for a lunch – phone (+678) 36 400.
Welding, general repairs – John Turner (+678) 77 55 431
Everything all things cold – Supercool Refrigration (+678) 37 690
Electrician – Tari (+678) 77 46 594
Yamaha agent and parts – Asco Motors (+678) 36 244
Repairs and service – Total Marine Solutions (+678) 73 46 918

For crews

Beachfron Resort
The Beachfront Resort provide some activities. Visit their reception and ask the stuff.
Bar and restaurant – good but a bit expencive food. Very good pizza to order in resort’s bar.
Swimming pool and book swap in the resort. Cruisers are welcome..
One million dollar point
Like most of Vanuatu, Espirutu Santo in the northern chain of islands, was occupied by the Americans during WWII to launch their attacks on the Japanese in the Pacific. On their departure from the island they left behind infrastructure like roads and runways, and even buildings, with army built Quonset huts still standing around Santo. The biggest legacy is Million Dollar Point, both historically fascinating, but environmentally destructive, and a monument to greed and stupidity.
The American bases were full of vehicles, furniture, clothing, food, drink and all that had been required to sustain the troops. A decision had been taken that this was not going to be repatriated, and that the Condominium could buy it all at rock bottom prices. Unfortunately the British and French got greedy, refusing an offer to pay 6 cents in the dollar for everything, thinking they would eventually get it for nothing.
The Americans were none too impressed with this, and came up with another option in a moment of madness. They took all the vehicles, food, clothing and other equipment to a wharf on the south side of Santo. The army drove the vehicles into the sea, and then used bulldozers to dump the rest over the end of the wharf, before they also were driven into the sea. Millions of dollars of goods were destroyed over a period of two days, contaminating the sea with fuel, rubber, metal and Coca Cola.
Today you can take a 10 minute taxi from Luganville to Million Dollar Point and snorkel over entire rusting vehicles, from tanks to cranes, or go at low tide and pick your way, carefully, over the remains.
President Coolidge Wreck
The main dive attraction is the “S.S. President Coolidge”, a luxury liner that was used as a troop ship during WWII. The impressive wreck (198 metres long) is one of the largest accessible wrecks to sport divers anywhere in the world. The dive can be done from boat or shore with an easy walk to a line that leads to the ship’s bow. Visibility can range from 15 to 35 metres, and the sea is usually calm. Complete with military supplies and personal belongings scattered across the ocean floor, and of course the famous “Lady and the Unicorn” this dive is not to be missed.
The scuba diving around Espiritu Santo is stunning a lifetime. Must do is the wreck of the SS President Coolidge. The second unforgettable spot is ‘One Million Dollar Point’ with many tons of sunken equipment from the second Word War.
There are two operators:
Allan Power Dive Tours, phone (+678) 36 822, one dive 7000 vatu (equipment included), shore dives only (President Coolidge and One Million Dollar Point). It’s cheaper but no boat. Their office is at the main road in the center of the town (on the right). Tell to the owner, that you are sailors and ask for discount. Our price was 5600 vatu for one dive.
Santo Island Dive and Fishing, phone (+678) 77 58 982, one dive 9000 vatu + 2000 for equipment. Few spots including wrecks, boat dives. Their office is at the main road (left) opposite to the entrance to the main wharf (where Customs office is).
Blue holes
Blue Holes are an amazing natural creation, formed by springs of fresh pure water rising to the surface cutting out a deep hole in the limestone.
The blue hole surrounds have been specifically designed for day trippers, with a large under cover area, a bar with beer and soft drinks, picnic area and a swing with a platform.
The Nanda Blue Hole (also known as Jackie's Blue Hole or Jacquie's Blue Hole) is often referred to by visitors as the most beautiful blue hole in Vanuatu. The water is a magical deep blue that has to be seen to be believed.
Millenium Cave Tour
Don’t miss the exhilarating Millenium Cave Adventure tour if you’re visiting Espiritu Santo. If you are fit, you will enjoy the jungle hike, some scrambling and walking in the river through the cave (lights provided), and tubing down river in the deep gorge. Explore the dark cave full of intriguing bats and sparrows, high ceiling about 50 meters high, 3-4 km long, and have splash in the waterfall. Have a break for lunch in the tropical rainforest on the river side, then most amazing experience, floating down the river… a unique relaxing experience – the water is crystal clear and very clean. And then more bush walking back to Vunaspef village, where tropical fruit and sweet coffee awaits you.
The Millenium Cave tour is another option which is interesting and amazing, starting with a walk through narrow jungle paths, across creeks and cascades. Along the river swim soak up the breath taking scenery with cascading falls and towering rock faces, take the time to shower under the water fall or jump into the river from surrounding rocks. The guides are friendly and very helpful in telling you where to put your feet and always looking out for your safety. Test your fitness and sense of adventure now! Enjoy a challenge and join in on a trek through tropical forest and explore Vanuatu’s largest cave. This is a great example of eco-tourism that respects and preserves the environment and traditional culture. To see this part of the country in its unspoilt surroundings and incredible beauty is a privilege that you won’t forget for a long time. You can describe this experience as your “Best holiday adventure ever” don’t miss the fun!
Champagne Beach
Champagne Beach is a popular beach located on the island. It is famous for its beautiful white sandy beaches, one of the best in the South Pacific. It is visited regularly by tourists and cruise boats from all the World. Its waters are very clear.
Champagne Beach is located in adjacent and close proximity to Hog Harbour village on the northeast of Santo.
Port Orly
Port Olry Beach is known for its verdant green hills, superb white sand beaches, and snorkelling. The village offers access via an underwater sandbar to two local nature reserve islands at low tide. There is a large Catholic mission in town, making Catholicism the village’s dominant religion. Port Olry is a very beautiful spot, well worth a visit for a meal and a swim. If staying in Luganville, you can hire a car, drive up the coast and visit the Blue Holes and Champagne Beach. Have a fantastic lunch at the Little Paradise restaurant (so called the Port Olry Harbour Beach Restaurant).
If you are visiting Espiritu Santo, you have to make the effort to visit Port Olry. The location is incredible, with beautiful colours and a strip of sand connecting the small island in front. Nice breezes are refreshing on a hot day. A nice place to have a splash and paddle! The water is spectacular and so is the snorkelling. You can swim with turtles and dugongs while visiting, and the locals are very friendly. Port Orly Beach Vanuatu is the epitome of a tropical paradise with gorgeous white sand and great food (Coconut Crab to die for!). If you are looking for a place to spend the day reading, swimming and enjoying good local foods, then this is the place. What more could you ask for?
Car / quad / schooter rental
Ask at reception or visit the town. Prices about 6000 vatu for schooter, 7000 vatu for quad, 10000 vatu for a car.
More ‘must see’ places on Vanuatu? Visit: https://vanuatu.com.au


Anchorage – free  
Hot shower – 500 vatu
Garbage disposal – 300 vatu per bag
Laundry - 800 vatu wash, 800 vatu dry (8kg load)
Car rental - about 10000 vatu (small car a bit cheaper).
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