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Alotau / International Hotel Anchorage
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Type Anchorage
Country Papua New Guinea
City Alotau
Available places 6
Max depth 20 m
UHF 16
  • Water
  • WiFi
  • Fuel station
  • Repairs
  • Shops
  • Port of entry
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For boats

15 NM long Milne Bay is very deep and without obstacles. Near the town you will see from right to the left: main wharf, a small local boats natural harbor, big house with red roof, well looking parcel with green grass and a monument and small buildings of International Hotel.
The area is very deep around, so there is not much place for anchoring. The best spot is in front of International Hotel. We did it on position:
10 19.597S and 150 27.013E (20 m, mostly coral, some mud).
The anchorage is not protected. Is open for E-SE-S-SW-W winds, and swell from the ocean could came. If it’s too choppy you should leave ASAP. The nearest well protected SPOT is 5NM South near Waga Waga village.
The best place for dinghy landing is International Hotel. Go around restaurant on the water and then along the wall to the small slip. All the hotel’s area is fenced and secured. It is good to go to reception and ask about permission for landing there.
All vessels are required to give notice of impending arrival to Customs, Quarantine and Immigration no later than 48 hours before arrival.
The following details will be required:- the name of the yacht; your intended first port of arrival; your estimated arrival time; your last four ports of call; the details of people on board including name, date of birth, nationality, and passport number, details of any illness or disease recently encountered; if you have any animals on board; if you have any firearms on board.
On arrival, clearly display the Q-flag on entering PNG waters and go directly to an appointed boarding station. Clearance must be completed before going ashore. No persons other than a Quarantine or Customs officer is allowed to board, nor can any person, animal or article leave the boat until full clearance has been granted.
Depending on your arrival time, Customs and Quarantine may require all persons to remain on board overnight before clearing you the following day. Contact with other vessels in port before clearance is also prohibited.
It is necessary to clear in and out of every port and failure to do so can create serious problems. Before departure from Papua New Guinea, Customs and Immigration clearance is required. This is available at any Customs port. Customs should be contacted in advance to avoid unnecessary delay.
A cruising permit will be issued with the same time limit as the skipper's visa. If the skipper wishes to leave PNG and then return, prior approval must be obtained from Customs.
It is an offence to depart without clearance.
That was the official rules, below what I did:
I hoisted yellow quarantine flag. After anchoring I was trying to call Alotau Port Control to ask about clearance, but there was no answer.
So, I go ashore to the Customs and Immigration offices. They are located on the second floor of white/blue building. When you go out by the hotel’s gate, cross the main street and go left about 50 meters. The building is on your right, the stairs up are at the end around the corner.
After this formalities you need to go to the quarantine office located on the main wharf. It is a 20 minutes’ walk or take a taxi. Few forms to fill and 56 kina to pay. It is good to have local money or you can do it in the bank later.
The last office to visit is health, but I don’t know where exactly it is, because a quarantine inspector call to health one and she came to us. So…, more papers to fill and next 100 kina to pay.
All the formalities was very easy going.
Before you leave Alotau to another places (even in PNG) you need a special permission / clearance. Visit customs office, they will do it.
Check Out
If you leave PNG, visit Customs where you get a departure clearance than Immigration for exit stamps.
More info: http://www.customs.gov.pg
Ask in the hotel, use your jerry cans to transport the water.
There was a fuel dock in Alotau, but there was a fire late 2016. Now it is not operating. There is few fuel station in the town, not very close. You need to organize containers and transport.
We dropped garbage to hotel’s bins, ask for permission first.
There are at least two banks, both with ATMs. The nearest is 100 m left from the hotel.
There are few Chinese style groceries and one medium size modern Supermarket. All this groceries are 200 m left from the hotel.
There is an international airport with flights to Moresby and Australia. It I located 15km out of the town. If you need to get there go to the bus station (300m left from the hotel) and ask for the bus to airport. Ticket is about 3-4 kina.
There is a Hot Spot in the hotel – ask on reception. We bought a Digicel sim card (18 kina) and 1.2 GB data valid 3 days (35 kina). Other plans available. Easy to find in the town.
There is a kind of shipyard with workshops called Nako Fisheries Limited (phone 641 1642). They are located between main ships wharf and local boat’s harbor. They have 2 small wooden wharfs (one on position 10 18.686S and 150 27.256E). The depth 2.2 on LW but just at the end of the wharf, then decrease rapidly. Berth to the wharf as far as possible from the shore.
They did for me a new part for my rudder (rotary machine) and welding. Prices about 60 kina for an hour of 1 man work plus materials.
They have 2 slips.

For crews

Alotau is the capital of Milne Bay Province, in the south-east of Papua New Guinea. It is a quiet little town located on the northern shore of Milne Bay. There are few shops, so it is good enough place for provisioning, and buying basic parts.  
There is not a ‘must see’ places, just watch the towns life.
The National Canoe and Kundu festival, held there the first week in November each year, is a great time to visit and to see their amazing sailing canoes.


1 kina is about 0.3 USD  
Anchorage – free
Customs and immigration clearance free
Quarantine fee – 56 kina
Health fee – 100 kina
Digicel sim card – 18 kina
Internet Data – depends on plan, from 3 to 50 kina
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