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Labuan (Labuhan) Bajo / Flores
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Type Anchorage
Country Indonesia
City Labuan Bajo
Available places 100
Max depth 10 m
  • Port of entry
  • Shops
  • Fuel station
  • Water
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For boats

Labuan Bajo / Flores
Labuan Bajo is medium size modern town on West coast of Flores Island wit a growing tourism sector. This is a good place to anchor the boat and visit a Komodo National Park by local boat. Many charter boats are moored in the bay and offer a day trip of diving and visiting Komodo or Rinca.
Note that some electronic charts (e.g. Navionics) are moved about 200 meters. Radar is helpful during day and night approach.
There are two channels that lead into Labuan Bajo.  The northern channel is a tricky (many reefs and shoals, strong current, only 160 m with).
The southern approach is much more straightforward and should be used by all visiting yachts. Approach from the SW by passing S of  Bajo Island and S of  Monkey Island before heading N towards the big ferry terminal. 
Anyway the South approach is wide and easy, keep clear of all small islands, rocks and many anchored boats.  
There is 3 areas to anchor / moor:
  1. Opposite to the Philemon;s restaurant. This is a great spot if  you can fit, but it is hard. There is a lot of mooring buoys, but most of them belong to or are occupied by local boats. This place is crowded and not very safe (because of traffic and strong current). I do not recommend this place. If you find a free mooring buoy you can tie your line. Make sure that this buoy is free (ask local people from other boats). This place is closest to the dinghy dock and access ashore is easy. Position of moorings buoy (middle): 08 29.55S and 119 52.35E. Depths 2-20 meters.
  1. Anchor in 10-13m of  water on sand and coral rubble bottom. This anchorage is often overcrowded and full of small fishing boats. Finding a good spot with enough swinging space could be difficult. Position of anchorage (middle): 08 29.80S 119 52.60E.
  1. That's the spot I recommend. it's a little far from dinghy dock (0.7 NM) but is big with safe depths (2-25 meters, mud) and a lot space for swinging. You can meet there larger yachts, super yachts, tankers and ferries and this spot can be used when there are no other alternatives (almost every time). When choosing a place to anchor, leave enough room between you and the mooring balls.  Don’t anchor so far S, there is the 1m submerged rock. Check the charts. Position of anchorage: 08 30.05S 119 52.45E (depth 20m, mud). Caution:  There is a dangerous rock/reef  located near this anchorage. Position: 008 29.925 S / 119 52.412 E.
The port is calm and well protected in both monsoon seasons, however, occasionally in the NW monsoon season, if  rare wind blow against tide the sea can be very rough. Luckily this only happens a few times a year (mostly on  February and March).  During SE season the anchorages are very calm.  
Dingy landing
Access ashore is through the Philemon Sea Food Restaurant dinghy dock (see chart in section Photo). Use of  the dinghy dock is free of  charge. You are in the center of the town.
Fuel can be arranged by locals. Ask  them and give yours jerry cans. Do not go to the filling station yourself.
Same as the fuel, ask locals and use yours containers.
Many restaurants and bars has a free WiFi Spots. Best option for all country is to buy a Telekom SimCard with internet data.
Bank's, ATM's
Few banks and ATM's along the main street. No problem with payment by card in many shops. Banks change the money.
The Komodo airport is about 5 minutes away from the harbor, and with daily fights in and out of  Bali, Labuan Bajo is a good place for crew changes.
There are no taxis, but local drivers often wait along the main road (small buses called Bemo).
Many small and medium size groceries in the town. Hardware shops available, but do not expect to much.

For crews

Diving in the Komodo National Park is world class.  The waters are very clear and have some of the most colorful and diverse coral species in all of Indonesia. If you haven't own equipment, take a 1-3 days trip out to the islands with one of  the many dive operators (offices easy to find along the main road.
There are many tours operators offering trips to Komodo and Rinca Island. If you prefer to leave the boat in calm place it is the best way to see Komodo dragons.


anchorage - free
2 dives + Komodo dragons short trip (1 day trip) - 1.300.000 Rupiah
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