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Labuan Gili Banta
(votes: 1)
Type Anchorage
Country Indonesia
City Gili Banta
Available places 10
Max depth 10 m
Views: 995

For boats

Gili Banta is an island lying out of the Komodo National Park. The island has jagged coastline, high mountains, and beautiful coral reefs. There are three deep bays on the E side of the island. They offers shelter in both monsoon seasons and is very well protected. 
The water inside is clear and snorkeling right off  the boat is excellent. There are no villages on the island and no formal trails, but hiking is possible. Small white sand beaches are located at the head of  each bay.
The middle bay known locally as Gusohbido Bay.  When in, stay to the center of  the channel.  The bay rises from 50m to 10m at its head. Anchor in 10-14 meters of  water (sand with coral rubble).
When coming in or going out watch for strong currents between Gili Banta and Komodo (up to 6kn, S current usually stronger then N current, changing every few hours - it is not actually tide current).

For crews

The water inside is clear and snorkeling is perfect there. Best place see map in Photo section


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