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Gili Gede / Marina Del Ray / Lombok
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Type Anchorage
Country Indonesia
City Gili Gede
Available places 30
Max depth 10 m
Contact +6287865854784, booking@lombokmarinadelray.com
WWW www.lombokmarinadelray.com
  • Water
  • Fuel station
  • Laundry machines
  • Port of entry
Additional facilities:
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For boats

PT. LOMBOK MARINA DEL RAY, Tanjungan Desa Gili Gede,
Kec. Sekotong
NTB Lombok, Indonesia
Captain Raymond La Fontaine 
Gili Gede (marina Del Ray) is in progress, some big changes has already commenced. 
Gili Gede offers very well protection all year and is an idyllic home base to explore many Gili Islands of  SW Lombok.  Gili Gede is 90 Minute Taxi to Lombok International Airport and 2 hour Daily ferry Service to Bali.

Location is 08 45.600 S 115 55.96 E
There are to routes North and West. Both deep and easy to sail.

Northerly Entrance – approach way point 1 north. 08 43.380 S 115 56.200 E
From way point 1 approach in a southerly direction bearing 186 degrees for approx. 2.6 NM to way point 08 45.490 S 115 56.15E
Rounding the southern tip of Gili Gede between mainland Lombok, there is a 900-meter-wide passage of navigable water with an average depth of 20 meters.  Approach marina location at 08.45.600 S 115.55.96 E
As you round the southern tip it will be obvious of the location.

Westerly Entrance – approach way point 1 West. 08 42.256 S 115 52.210 E
From way point approach on a bearing of 140 degrees for distance of approx. 4.5NM. Keeping a look out for a pearl farm on port side, approach way point 2 West – 08 45.740 S 115 55.100 E.  you will find a navigable transit passage with a average depth of 20 meters, once arriving at way point 2 west, turn towards the marina.

There are several (about 20) mooring buoys. Long term and short Term moorings are available.  Mooring sizes can accommodate all yachts from 10 meters to 50 meters and are available on request. Daily Rates:
Just go ashore.
Can be delivered by marina stuff
Can be delivered by marina stuff
No groceries near marina. The Capital of Mataram in Lombok has good supplies of fresh food, groceries and alcohol and is certainly worth a day trip by Taxi to stock Up. There is a good Local Market near the Marina on the Mainland 5 Miles south of the Tembowong called
Pelangan, best to visit in the morning around 9 AM.
LPG Cylinders cannot be filled in Indonesia. Indonesian Regulators and Gas bottles can be
purchased from the Marina
Laundry (including pickup and delivery to your boat) - Rp 25000 per kg
You should allow a 2-hour ride to and from Lombok International airport in Praya. Marina provide a private surface that costs. Rp 500,000.00
Marina Gili Gede Fast Boat service offers a direct transit to Northern Gili Islands via Sengiggi as well as a new pickup service via Panti Cemara which is 20 minutes by car direct to the airport.
Island Getaway leaves daily from Ko Ko Mo resort to Serrangan Harbor. The trip takes 90 minutes. For more info ask in the Marina office.

For crews

Snorkeling and diving are good, and daily dive trips can be arranged through mainland dive operators.
Some of  the islands are even reported to have good surf  during large swell conditions. Desert Point surf  break can be accessed by heading W on the same road.  The Gili Gede Fastboat service makes runs back to Serangan, Bali in under two hours.
Nice restaurant is located near the marina.



Daily Rates
10 to 14 meter - $15USD
15 to 17 meter - $20USD
18 to 21 meters - $30USD
10 to 14 meter $50 USD
15 to 17 meter $70 USD
18 to 21 meters $100 USD
Monthly Rates:
10 to 14 meter - $160USD
15 to 17 meters - $220USD
18 to 21 meters - $300USD
Rubbish disposal (one large green bag) - Rp 50,000.00
Diesel (Solar) - Rp 9500.00 (min. 100l)
Petrol (Benzene) - Rp 9500.00 (min. 60l)
Quantities over 1000 Liters require 24hr notice for supply
Fresh Water per half Ton (may be unsuitable for Drinking) - Rp 250,000.00
Laundry (including pickup and delivery to your boat) - Rp 25000 per kg

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