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Kelayang / NW cost of Belitung
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Type Anchorage
Country Afghanistan
City Kelayang
Available places 50
Max depth 6 m
  • Port of entry
  • Shops
  • Laundry machines
  • Fuel station
  • WiFi
  • Water
Additional facilities:
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For boats

The Belitung anchorage is calm and well protected during  the SE monsoon season. In NW season is also usable, but it is better to hide around the corners one of small rocky islands. This is one of  the better and most beautiful stops along the main Indonesian cruising route, do not miss it.
Belitung is a port of  entry/exit and some yachts choose to check out of  Indonesia and obtain clearance here.  The best way is to hire a local agent which will take care of all formalities for reasonable price. Ask for it in the nearest restaurant to the wharf.
The final approach is between some Reefs, but they are marked well with discoloration and the water is clear. I do not recommend night approach.
Below few waypoints we followed:
1) 002 29.57 S / 107 40.86 E
2) 002 31.31 S / 107 40.44 E
3) 002 32.78 S / 107 40.79 E 
anchorage) 002 33.31 S / 107 40.65 E 
You can approach closer to the beach, but you have to sail around small reef (clockwise).
Drop the anchor at position:
002 33.31 S / 107 40.65 E  (6 meters, sand)
There is a place for 10-20 boats. The anchorage is protected in the SE monsoon season. Winds sometimes swing in the afternoons to a more easterly direction bringing chop through the anchorage before calming again at night.
Electronic charts are inaccurate there. Eyeball navigation is a must. 
Head to the wharf. Land dinghy to left or right of the jetty. You can tie a line to the wharf's pillar. You can also land anywhere on the beach.                                                                                
Small provisioning can be done in nearest town, bigger groceries you can find in the main city. You can rent a car with driver - ask in the restaurants.
Fuel, food, and water as well as propane and laundry services available in most of the
Ervan Amir and his wife operate a beachfront restaurant in Tg Kelayang. They provides diesel, water, provisions on request. Very helpful and friendly, Ervan speaks English. Land dinghy to left of jetty and restaurant is next to the head of the jetty. Phone 081977781455.

For crews

Giant granite boulders are piled on top of  one another and scattered around the shoreline and anchorage. Do a dinghy trip around, take a swim close to the rocky islands. The water is crystal clear and the beaches are with white sand.  There are many small islets for diving and snorkeling, where coral reefs and fish life are healthy and abundant.


anchorage - free dinner ~50.000 rupiah
agent (check in or out) ~500.000 rupiah
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