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We love sailing
We love sailing video
08.12.2014 11:54   Source: youtube.com
It's not only about the racing. It's about the feeling of being driven by the wind, the sting of the spray, the hull carving through the water - the simple act of sailing. We love sailing - watch it! ... Read more ›
Is sailing boring?
Is sailing boring?
12.11.2014 16:58
Is sailing boring? Really? Watch this... ... Read more ›
WTF - who can explain that?
WTF - who can explain that? video
02.11.2014 19:13   Source: LiveLeak.com
Russia? - maybe... Truck? - possible... floating? - definitely. Any way, how You explain that? Please comment this if You have any idea... ... Read more ›
The Next Big Spill
The Next Big Spill [video]
30.10.2014 08:25   Source: Youtube.com
One day of marine traffic in the Baltic Sea. An unofficial visualization technology preview made originally for HELCOM (Baltic Marine Environment Protection Comission). Best viewed in HD. ... Read more ›
Spectacular beching of M/F Ostend Spirit
Spectacular beching of M/F Ostend Spirit video
27.01.2014 21:50   Source: internet
Beaching ships destined for scrapping is a kind of standard. This activity does not cease to amaze, however, especially if you can see it on film. ... Read more ›
Vestas' Sailrocket 2 becomes the fastest sailing boat
Vestas' Sailrocket 2 becomes the fastest sailing boat video
26.11.2012 22:14   Source: internet
Paul Larsen's Vestas Sailrocket 2 has smashed the 500 metre record in Luderitz, Namibia. His best average speed was 59.38 knots. ... Read more ›
A Thing of Beauty
A Thing of Beauty video
26.11.2012 22:09   Source: internet
The legendary 83' Fife schooner ADVENTURESS sets sail after a three-year restoration at Rockport Marine in Rockport, Maine. This video was produced and directed by OffCenterHarbor.com in association with Langley Multimedia. ... Read more ›
Magic sailing
Magic sailing video
27.10.2012 10:03   Source: youtube.com
Beauty shots + nice music = excellent video ... Read more ›
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