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Cabo de Hornos
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Type POI
Country Chile
City Tierra del Fuego
Views: 1400

For boats

Cabo de Hornos, The Horn, silent witness of many tragedies and victories.
The most famous and danger place in the Word. Dream of many sailors.
Nowdays, modern boats, precise weather forecasts, shadow of Tierra del Fuego island makes passage around the Horn more easy than in the past. But do not disregard this place, strong winds, high waves, and quick weather changes are still very danger for boats and ships there.
If you are sailing from high sea do not approach to the Cape Horn and other islands closer than 5Nm. The Chilean Navy will call You and ask for permission to sail close to the shore line.
If you challenge the Horn starting from inwaters, you have to visit Puerto Williams first to check in to Chile and get permission (Zarpe) for sailing around the Horn. Acceptable routs will be given, and list of radio check points, where you have to contact and receive information about your voyage plan.
There are some places for safe anchoring, good choice to survive if wind increase to much.
If you expect a tip how to sail safe around the Horn I can tell you one: wait in Puerto Williams for good weather window (minimum 2 days of calm – less then 15-20kn). Do not go there if weather forecast is 25-30 kn, usually there is 30-40 or more.

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