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Easter Island / Rapa Nui / Isla de Pascua / Hanga Roa
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Type Anchorage
Country Chile
City Hanga Roa
Max depth 25 m
UHF 16
  • Water
  • WiFi
  • Fuel station
  • Shops
  • Port of entry
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For boats

One of the most isolated islands in the world. Lying at the south-eastern point of the Polynesia, 2000 miles away from  South American coast and 1200 miles from the nearest neighbour - Pitcairn.
Easter Island or Isla de Pascua, belongs to Chile and is also known by its Polynesian name Rapa Nui.
There is good protection inside the small harbour at Hanga Piko, on the west coast, but access is difficult, and a pilot is compulsory for entering / leaving this harbor. Armada allow for berthing inside the harbor only in emergency situation (it is not easy to get the permission). The pilot service cost about $US100.
In most cases you have to drop the anchor in face of the city and another small harbor (to small for yachts but perfect for dinghy landing). This anchorage is open but sheltered from the prevailing NE-E-SE winds. If the wind turns and the swell come you need to change your anchorage place to opposite side of the island (Anakena Bay or Huituiti in the east). Swell could be a problem in all these anchorages.
Approximately 30 yachts visit Easter Island every year (most of them between January and April).
There is few point on the edge of the reef. You have to drop the anchor outside of this line:
1. 27deg 08’ 49,4” S  109deg 26’ 20,8” W
2. 27deg 08’ 45,2” S  109deg 26’ 20,2” W
3. 27deg 08’ 42,3” S  109deg 26’ 13,5” W
4. 27deg 08’ 40,7” S  109deg 26’ 09,2” W
5. 27deg 08’ 37,6” S  109deg 26’ 07,5” W
When we were visiting Hanga Roa we drop the anchor at 27 08.689S and 109 26.291W (depth about 27 m). The bottom is sand and anchor hold good.
There is few small buoys for divers, do not moor there or close to them.
Call Isla de Pascua on VHF CH16 before arriving and ask for permission to drop the anchor.
Visit Armada the Chile located in complex of buildings on the right (SE) of the town. Take the boat papers and passports. If you are entering or leaving the Chile all crew have to go (immigration).
If immigration, customs or agriculture service is needed will be organize by Armada. They are friendly, helpful and some speak a little English.
Yachts traveling from Chile with a Zarpe generally have to visit only Armada (by captain).
For more instruction about check in call Isla de Pascua Radio / Pascua radio/ (Armada) by radio.
Dinghy landing:
Landing the dinghy in Hanga Roa can be difficult if there is a big swell. There is a small and shallow basin, protected by a breakwater, which is used by the fishing boats and dives company. The route to the harbor is between to shallows with some rocks and surf waves. Inside the basin there is enough place to get in/out, and usually no big waves.
Available on petrol station located near the airport (SE part of the Hanga Roa). It’s about 1.5km from the dinghy landing point, use a car to transport your jerry cans.
You can also talk with local fisher men’s, they can arrange a delivery directly to the boat with extra payment.
There are few taps with fresh water located in two dive centers located in small harbor. Ask there for water, use your cans.
Refilling your gas bottles could be a problem, you can buy a 6.5kg bottles in the shop near the airport.
There are many mini markets in the town. Please note that products are limited and the prices are very high.
There are 2 internet points – Te Pito O Te Henua street and Atamu Tekena street. 1hr WiFi cost  1000 pesos. There are some computers available. The internet works not to fast.

For crews

Easter Island is one of the mysterious  places in the world. It’s fascinating history and Moai statues are worth to sail off main routs and visit this magnificent place.
Tourism, fishing, agriculture and on-going archeological studies are the primary activities of the island.
Hanga Roa is the only town on island with about 3500 inhabitants.
There is a airport with connections to / from Papeete and Santiago.
Tourist information is located 100 meters right from landing point. There you can get a map and all information you need – stuff speaks English.
There is no problem to rent a car / scooter or bike. Sightseeing by bike could be challenge because of many hills and strong winds.
Places ‘must see’ are: Rano Kau (volcano crater), Rano Raraku (volcano crater and many Moai), Ahu Tongariki (biggest Moai standing statues), Anakena Bay (beautyfull sandy beach with Moai) and Tahai (Moai on the edge of Hanga Roa – visit it during the sunset). There are much more places worth to visit if you have enough time. All information and the map you can get at tourist information office.
Most of the island is National Park. To enter there (and to enter to the most attractions) a ticket is needed. You can buy it only in one place – Conaf office, located on the other side of the airport, on the way to Rano Kau. Take a taxi or go there by car / scooter, bike. The price is 30.000 pesos or 60USD. Only cash (no credit card accepted).
The ticket is valid for 5 days, and could be checked by stuff on entering to the attractions.
There are many restaurants and bars in Hanga Roa, but the prices are high.
Some of restaurants organize a special Polynesian show with playing songs and dancing, worth to visit – price about 20.000 pesos (without meat) or 40.000-50.000 pesos (with meal).
There is a post office (correros) where you can sent your post cards and do a occasional stamp in your passport.


Anchoring – free of charge
Fee for light houses and buoys about 10USD (payment in Armada if you are entering / leaving Chile)
Fuel – about 550 pesos (Jun 20016)
Rent a car – from 45.000 pesos
Rent a scooter – from 20.000 pesos
Rent a bike – from 10.000 pessos
Ticket to National Park – 30.000 pesos
Polynesian show - about 20.000 pesos (without meat) or 40.000-50.000 pesos (with meal)
Wifi – 1000 pesos /1 hr
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