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Bora Bora / Vaitape / Kai Mai Marina
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Type Anchorage
Country French Polynesia
City Vaitape Bora Bora
Available places 15
Max depth 20 m
Contact Phone: (+689) 40 603 800
WWW maikaimarina.com
  • Water
  • WiFi
  • Toilet
  • Shower
  • Fuel station
  • Repairs
  • Shops
  • Port of entry
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For boats

THIS IS NOT A REAL MARINA – it is only a name of this place including restaurant. It’s nice place, I recommend it for a stop, but remember - there is no marina on Bora Bora at all. 
When approaching Bora Bora, stay well south and west of the barrier reefs. Large Pacific Ocean swells are present virtually all the time. This wave action can send the yacht in towards the reef without being aware of it.
Approaching from Raiatea, Pte Tetutiroa at the southwest corner of Bora Bora is very deceptive and extends farther to the southwest than would seem apparent. There is a lighthouse on the point which is very visible from the ocean. As with all the passes, stay well out to sea until the pass has correctly been identified, then make an approach. The pass is normally marked with a red/port floating buoy and a green/starboard one. There is another red-port beacon on the reef just south of Motu Ahuna. An approach should be made on 113 magnetic on the two lights in front of Vaitape. It’s easy pass – wide and deep enough.
There is about 10-15 mooring buoys near the position:
16 30.0237 S and 151 45.4489 W
This moorings are paid: 1500 XPF first day, 1000XPF every next day or 5000XPF for 7 days (you can do a break and back). All facilities and payments in the restaurant.
Vaitape is the Port of Entry for boats.
Yachts can now clear in or out of FP with the “gendarmes” offices (French Police) which deal with Immigration and Customs formalities.
The Gendarmerie is located near the main harbour, about 10 minutes of walk. When you leave the marina turn left.
There is the official source from the Government of France:
French Polynesia is part of the European Union (as an overseas collective of France) but not of the Schengen Area Agreement and has its own visa rules. These rules closely follow those of mainland France with some exceptions that are specific to FP.
UE sailors
All European Union sailors don’t’ need a visa, and the procedure is easy going. You all have to visit Gandarmerie with your passport, a captain have to fill up the customs form, and send a copy to Customs in Papeete (there is a post office, the address is on the form). That’s all, you are allowed to stay on Polynesia for 2 years. Prepare a list with quantity of strong alcohol, wine, beer, cigarettes, cigars, you have on boat (for customs form).
Non EU sailors
You need a “Visa On Arrival” which is good for 90 days. Applying for a 90-day visa does not help with the bond or your check-in process. If you wish to stay longer than 90 days in French Polynesia, you should apply for a “Long Stay Visa”. Anyway all the crew has to visit Gandarmerie personally with the passport.
The French Polynesia Bond.
French Polynesia requires all non-EU visitors to either prove that they have a paid way out of
the country, or pay a bond on arriving in French Polynesia. This bond basically is the guarantee that the French government doesn’t have to pay to fly indigent people home. There are 3 ways to satisfy this requirement:
1. Show an airplane ticket out of the country
2. Pay the bond (roughly the equivalent of an airplane ticket out of the country) – about 2000 USD. The bond is refundable when you leave, with time and paperwork. Even if you have obtained a long stay visa, you must pay a bond.
3. Arrange with an agent to “guarantee” you. Essentially the agent guarantees that THEY
will pay to fly you out of the country, and so you essentially pay for an insurance policy
with the agent – cost about 200USD per person.
All detailed information you will get at Gandarmerie office.
There is a Mobile Station - 5 minutes walk of the Marina. You can use your jerry jugs or you can go by boat to the concrete pier belongs to the station. I’m not sure about the depths there, good to ask the stuff first.
Available on the restaurant wooden quay. There is a tap. You can moor for a while to the floating wharf and fill your tanks. The price for the water is 3XPF per liter (payment in restaurant, counter near the tap).
There are two MAIN grocery stores in Vaitape. Both seem to have baguettes until late
The first grocery – Super U is in distance of 5 minutes walk. They have a lot of products, with prices about 10-20% higher than in Papeete. You can go very close to the Super U by your dinghy. Head to a big wooden restaurant but do not moor there. Tie your dinghy little left, to the 1m long concrete pier with fence.
Dinghy landing (near Super U) position:
16 30.0317 S and 151 45.1149 W
Second grocerie (similar size and prices) is located near the church with red roof. It’s 10 minutes of walk from Kai Mai Marina, but only 3-4 mnutes from the main harbour.
There is a hardware / maritime shop near the Super U Market (other side of main road).
Many shops with pearls and souvenirs.
Between the harbour and both groceries are a few table stands where locals sell
bananas, mangos, pineapples and pamplemousse, usually of better quality than the
Outside of Uturoa, there are not many places to reprovision.
Bank / ATM
There is a bank and ATM – easy to find in downtown.
Internet available at mooring buoys (weak signal) and around the restaurant. It’s free. Password will be given during the payment. WDG Spot and Vini Spot also available, but it’s paid (1hr – 500XPF; 5hrs 2000XPF; paid by card via internet).
The post office is located near the harbour.

MaiKai Marina (copied from WWW)

MaiKai Marina is a boutique marina reflecting the island charm of its surroundings.
The MaiKai Marina offers families, sailors, visitors, and locals a refined setting to enjoy Bora Bora’s lagoon, and local culture while maintaining our mission to make you feel like you are at "home away from home".
The marina boasts 32 safe moorings for vessels up to 60ft., 1 mooring accommodating larger vessels up to 46 meters/ 150ft.
Our floating dock is available for water filling, short term and long term docking allowing guests and members to have their boat, recreation, and access to special events, all in the same place.
Our 40meter/130ft stationary dock offers berthing for vessels ranging in size from the smallest tender to mega yacht.
By sea MaiKai Marina & Yacht Club is located at Lat: 16 degrees 29’ 56.40 S  Lon: 151 degrees 45’ 23.76 W  not far from the Te Ava Nui pass as you enter Bora Bora, across from Motu Toopua facing the main island.
By land MaiKai Marina is conveniently situated just minutes from  Vaitape by walk. Here in the city center you will find local commerce and provisions such as grocery shopping, banks, Gendarmerie, post office, marine chandlery, re-fueling stations, Vaitape City Hall and more.
MaiKai Marina offers many services and amenities available to you at a moment’s notice while receiving warm and friendly attention from our staff. We are happy to share our local knowledge, contacts and advise.
Free Internet Wi-fi
Moorings up to 150’
Motor Yacht Berthing & Floating Dinghy Dock
Dry Dock & Boat Storage
Temporary Storage & Refrigeration
Water refilling & ICE
Trash Disposal
Laundry Services & Showers
Bicycle Rental & Storage
Boutique & Book Exchange
Mail & Freight Services
Business Center Services
Shuttle Service to town
Please contact us for any specialized requests at info@maikaimarina.com

M. Kito Sylvain, General Manager, Co-owner
M. Teiva Tapare, Executive Chef, Co-owner
MaiKai Team
We monitor channel 16
Marina Information
Tel. +689 40 603 800
Cel. +689 87 26 12 78 or +689 87 79 23 57
Fax: +689 40  67 58 00
Email Address
Postal Address :
B.P. 162 Vaitape
98730 Bora Bora
French Polynesia
Marina Coordinates
Lat: 16 degrees 29' 56.40" S 
Lon:  151 degrees 45' 23.76" W
Visit us on Facebook :

For crews

For crew:
Vaitape is the main town of Bora Bora and a pleasant little village. The gendarmerie, post office and public phone service are at the head of the main harbour. To visit the main shops and other services, walk the main street. Banks, boutiques, car rental, as well as some local restaurants are close by. The dispensary is in the village on the seaward side of the main street. Outboard dinghy fuel is available through the local gas stations.
There are one or two walking paths on the island. One of these will lead to the old World War II cannon sites. To find the path, start just across the road. From the village of Faanui, a path crosses the lower part of the island to the east side at Yairou in the districts of Anau. On the
north side of this bay along the coast, you’ll find remains of three interesting maraes, as well as more cannon sites on the hill above the point.
There is many attraction on Bora-Bora:
  1. Dive at one of few spots – see sharks, manta rays and many more. The nearest dive center is next to Kai Mai restaurant (Top Dive). Two tank dive for sailors (with certificate) 14000XPF. There is more dive centers, but outside the village. You can contact them by e-mail or phone, they will pick you up, but the prices are similar.
  2. Snoork with mantas (see Manta Cleaning Station) or in Coral Garden. You can go there by your boat and dinghy or book a trip with one of few companies. Easy to find in the internet or at Activity Desk in most hotels (but prices are higher in hotels).
  3. Fly helicopter around Bora Bora – 15 minutes fly cost 20.000XPF, the office is near the main harbour, www-tahiti-helicopters.com
  4. Eat a food truck dinner – few food trucks easy to locate near the main harbour. Very good meal for reasonable price (1000-1500XPF). Very big portions.


  • Mooring buoys – 15000 XPF first day, 1000XPF every next days or 5000XPF for 7 days (you can do a break and back). All payments in the restaurant.
  • Diving  - 8000 one tank, 14000 to tanks (if you have certificate) – Top Dive
  • Dinner in restaurant – 2000-4000 XPF main dish
  • Water – 3XPF per liter

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