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Timor / Kupang
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Type Anchorage
Country Indonesia
City Kupang
Available places 50
Max depth 10 m
  • Port of entry
  • Shops
  • Repairs
  • Fuel station
  • Water
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For boats

Kupang is a busy port situated at the western end of the island of Timor.  


Approach from N or W is very easy, no obstructions or surprises.
Approach from SW or S, between Timor and Semau Island is a little bit complicated. There is many ships anchoring there. FAD’s and fishing nets are also easy to meet. Both usually without lights. I recommend to sail thru this channel only with day light. If you have to do it during the night, keep in the middle of the channel and radar on.

The most popular place for anchoring in Kupang is opposite small beach near “999 Bar” (“Teddy’s Bar” in the past). I did it on position:
10 09.50S and 123 34.40 (13m sand and mud, holding good).
Anhorage is very open and exposed to the N-NW-W. Conditions can get worst in the afternoon when the northerly breeze sweeps down the anchorage, quite strong at times, raising a nasty wind chop. You should keep an anchor watch on board, in particular in the afternoons, for any dragging. Fortunately this weather is rare for July when most yachts visit.
Do not anchor west of given position, holding is poor there, more east is still good.
When going ashore take care of local fishing boats that are anchored fore and aft to the beach. These boats are unlit at night. There is a concret wharf in the middle of the beach. Do not moor there, it is not safe. Just land on the beach ast / left from the wharf.
There is some local people offering to watch the dinghy and to help yoou to take it ashore. A price about 50.000 rupiah per day is expected, but negotiate it first.
Indonesian Formalities are difficult and time consuming. Many certificates, documents and Visa are required. It is changing now (simplify), follow the newest information on official Indonesian customs page or noonsite.com or sailindonesia.net or sail2indonesia.com.
Below some practical information:
Hoist your yellow quarantine flag.

The authorities to visit are first Immigration, then Customs, Quarantine, and finally Harbourmaster. Expect formalities to be lengthy.
Do not save money, hire an agent. There are several agents operating in this port which should result in the "unofficial" fees becoming less than previously asked for, as well as speed up the clearance procedure. Formalities takes a day and half with the use of an agent. Contact with an agent by e-mail few weeks before arriving, negotiate the price and do first formalities like registerinh vouyage by official web page. Agent will help you with that and will prepare first documents.
Below few contacts to yacht’s agents:
Ayub, Tel:081237993500
Frenky Charles Manafe, Jl Taruna Rt 05 Rw o3 Kelurahan Tode Kisar, Kupang. Tel:+628 533 738 5009, frenkych@yahoo.com
Napa Rachman (agent for Haryo at Bali Marina), Tel:+62 81339412321 Fax:+62380 823159 ,VHF Channel 16, kupangyacht_service@yahoo.com
Michael Eversen Conny, tel: +62 81 239 128 027, +62 81 238 749 033, e-mail: michaelcoony8@gmail.com
Ask an agent or talk to local guys. Note, the water in Indonesia is not drinkable until is bottled. You will need your own containers.
Talk to agent or local guys. Note, fuel in Indonesia is low quality and dirty. Buy only best one called DEX. The price of fuel on petrol station is for local cars only (about 8.300 rupia per liter). Your price will be around 10.000-11.000 per liter. They will need your cans and your dinghy for delivery.
The nearest petrol station is about 3km right from the beach.
There is WiFi Hotspot in “999 BAR”. In my opinion the best solution is to buy a SIM card with internet data. In 2017 Telekom has an offer with 30 GB data (about 8GB in practice) for 70.000 rupiah. It is fast enough internet and work on most of the islands (with different speed).
There are taxis, but are a little expencive. Most of people use a Bemo, small mini bus. One ride is about 2.000-3.000 rupiah. The buses has own routes, ask locals how to get where you need.
There are 2-3 big supermarkets. You can get there by bemo and back with bags by taxi. Prices are low. Many other shops are in the town. If ypu need something untypical – ask an agent or locals.
Money is king in Indonesia, only big shops accept credit cards. Safe enough moneyyou’re your trip. There is few banks and ATMs in the town. The nearest one 100m left from the beach. There is a limit of 1.250.000 rupie, twice a day.
I have good contact to mechanic. He repair engeens, outboard engeens and more mechanical stuff.
Call him or e-mial:
Matthew, tel.: +62 85253243999, +62 81529571559, e-mail: mattteger@yahoo.com
More issues to fix? - ask the agent.

For crews

Kupang is a large, busy, dusty city and the first port for many boats comeing to Indonesia. Kupang is not a touristic known place. There is not tourist offices or trip tours. But, there os few things to do.
  1. Visit the night market (left along the coast, about 1 km). Eat fantastic sea food for low price.
  2. Walk around a old port area and its surrounding cacophonus market.
  3. Visit Diamond cave and a waterfall. Both outside city – 1hrs by car. Ask the locals or agent.
  4. Visit one of the traditional villages (Oebelo or Soe). They have textile weaving (ikat) demonstrations. They also show how they making palm sugar, sandalwood oil and a local liquer from palm leaves. Day trip can be organized. Note that roads outside city can be bumpy.


10.000 Rupiah = ~1 Australian Dollar
1 USD = ~13000 Rupiah
1 EUR = ~14700 Rupiah
Health clearance: 75.000 rupiah
Agent fee: 500.000-1.000.000 rupiah
Taxi during clearance: 300.000-500.000 rupiah
Fuel on petrol station (Solar): ~6.800 rupiah per liter
Diesel delivered by locals: 10.000-11.000 rupiah per liter
Dinghy parking on the beach – 50.000 rupiah per day
36GB Internet Simcard – 70.000 rupiah
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